North Dakota is embracing social media

north-dakotaAmong hundreds of other cities, companies and states, the state of North Dakota is also on the bandwagon of social media now.

Their tourist agency has gained presence for the state in almost all of the available social media channels, the main ones being facebook, youtube and twitter.

At , people are asked to write about the experiences they have about North Dakota and then link back the URL with their story. The story can be written in a blog, made into a video or a photograph.

They are also giving out prizes to the first 10, but you can argue about the prize itself – being a T-shirt picturing North Dakota. Leaving out the prize though, North Dakota is doing a great job here. They have over a thousand followers on Twitter, and the amount of fans on Facebook is also growing near to that.

Since the campaign itself is relatively new, we have no data on the success of it yet. But seeing the amount of followers they already have in Facebook and Twitter, North Dakota has definitely done well. They are answering questions, engaging in conversations and telling it all about the latest activities in their state.

If the campaign will be a success, they will also have great video material to put up on video sharing sites like Youtube. North Dakota is definitely going the right way here.

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  1. Julie says:

    So is there Facebook,twitter,Skype,oovoo and fring in north Dakota

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