Reaching out to customers without direct branding – the Facebook way

facebook_logoCreating a Facebook fan page for your business or product is quite a common approach today. We create a page for product x and then go on the journey of getting as many people as possible to like our product. A good enough way to get clients, when done right – but you can push it even further.

A much less used tactic today is using the same fan pages, but two of them. By that I mean creating the first fan page for the generic field itself. So lets say that you are in the yoghurt business. What is the wider field connected to that? There are probably more than one, but the main one would be milk (I am in no way connected to the “Milk” fan page in Facebook, I’m just using it as an example). This is the first thing you should do – create a fan page for the generic field. Why? Because if people will like Momma Jane’s yoghurt better than Pappa Jay’s, they will still like dairy products. People may not be familiar to your own brand, but they may very well be fans of the overall field. This is your main advantage – with a generic page, you will now have a group of people interested in your product field. So get that generic page living, generating discussions and content.

However you should consider that Rules for Facebook Page Usernames state: Generic words such as “flowers” or “pizza” are not available as usernames.

The second step would be to create the fan page for your product (Pappa Jay’s). Use that fan page as you normally would, but now you have one more extra channel to market it in – the generic Milk page. Just keep it light – flooding the generic page with Pappa Jay’s will decrease the credibility of the Milk page to zero. You can advertise your own product in the sidebar, or sometimes give away your product as prizes. Just don’t get into the habit of doing it weekly 😉 What will you get from it? A well-segmented group of people to market your product to. If people will already like milk, they might be interested in your yoghurt brand as well. Slowly directing them towards your brand is an effective way to go.

This strategy is getting increasingly more difficult to use, at least when your’e trying to make it happen in English – most of the generic fields have already been taken in Facebook (you may reach a deal with the generic page’s owner, though). There is, however, plenty of room for this strategy among smaller languages. So go for it, just keep in mind to have a good product aswell 🙂

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  1. فري برامج says:

    Excellent tactic! I wouldn’t be surprised if someone had already thanked you

  2. تحميل برامج انترنت says:

    very very very nice post

  3. Andy @ FirstFound says:

    Excellent tactic! I wouldn’t be surprised if someone had already taken the “SEO” or “Social Media” pages though.

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