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There are over a million people online in a given time. A huge chunk of them are on social networking sites, liking and sharing various content they find online. Because a lot of people are connected to the Internet and spend so much time in it, marketers see it as an avenue for advertising and marketing different kinds of products and services. The World Wide Web is ideal for them because with this, they are able to reach a wide audience with just a few clicks of the button.

Social Media

Social media is a type of media and an instrument of communication that not only provides a person with information but also encourages interaction. This interaction can be as simple as adding comments on a particular news article or as complex as making recommendations in a movie website. It uses different web-based technologies that allow for interaction between users; it also lets users create and share different kinds of content. These technologies are easily accessible to almost everyone who uses the Internet.

What is Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a kind of marketing strategy that utilizes social media to market the products and services of a company. Businesses can use the low-cost social media technologies for their marketing. Social networking sites play a big role in social media marketing because these are the places where netizens usually hang out. These are also the places where their products and services are advertised by different users with the help of liking and sharing. Because social networking sites also serve as forums for users, these are the places where users also post reviews about a company’s product or service. Moreover, social media marketing allows for personalization of a product or a service therefore creating a brand that is truly the business’ own.

Why Use Social Media for Marketing

Small businesses can utilize social media as one of their marketing strategies. It is a great tool to inform consumers about the company and the products and services they offer. With social media, the company can form relationships with their customers because it enables them to interact with one another. Using social networking also makes things real to the client because they are afforded a more personal service by the company. It is also easy to give out information and updates through tweets, announcements, and e-newsletters.

However, a company must not rely on using social media alone for their marketing, They must incorporate it with other marketing strategies such as print and television marketing. The key factor in using social media marketing is to create awareness and visibility for their product or service, especially to people who have no idea who the company is and what they can offer. When they use social media for establishing relationships with their customers, it is more likely that their customers will use their product or service again; this is important if they want to establish customer loyalty. Companies that are interested in using social media as an avenue for marketing must know the ins and outs of it so they can tailor-fit their marketing strategies to maximize its usefulness.


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