Social Media Campaigns are a Waste of Money!

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Social media is a place where people interact with each other and, if you are lucky, this may include your brand. This is engagement. Everybody wants it, but to achieve that you have to think long term not one off campaigns. We have seen politicians do that a lot. The last tweet or blog post has the same date as the election day. A few months before next election they come out of hibernation and try to engage you again.

You may have “friends” who turn to you only when they need something. This is the same thing as a campaign in social media. So, don’t do social media campaigns! I took the last sentence from Brendan Hughes who dug deeper into the matter of campaigns versus engagement in social media:

What’s wrong with a campaign then? In a campaign approach, you’re missing the essence of the nature (and thus the opportunity) of social media. It’s about relationships, and to draw a parallel, a social media campaign is a bit like a one night stand. Everyone had a bit of fun, but ultimately I feel a bit used.

In our work we meet a lot of agency people. What strikes me as odd is that if they go into all that trouble to make and launch a campaign, why wouldn’t they go one step further and make it a long term program? This campaign mentality seems to be a rule rather than exception. You should take that last step and really connect with people.

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Priit Kallas

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  1. Jana says:

    But you should agree – this is a development. the first step in Estonia is to get the client to use the social media in their communication mix. Then to understand the essence of SM and if the client sees the value, he will go “steady with that engagement”. All this will take time. And as you know – there are always lessons to learn. They might be called as social media campaigns 🙂

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