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Priit Kallas educates organizations about social media and digital marketing. He has spoken to thousands of people at conferences, seminars and other public events. Priit can cover topics in the form of a keynote speech or an in-depth drill-down of specific issues in the areas of leadership, marketing and social media.

The form of the appearance can be a 400 second pecha kucha event or three-day long seminar tailored to meet your organization’s needs. Every presentation is customized to the specific audience and the final adjustments are made during the presentation to match the audience feedback.

The speaking style is clear and simple, relying on real life cases and solid data. The goal is to drive home key concepts and urge participants to take action.

Speaking experience covers hundreds of events. From conference settings to university lectures. From 5 minute appearances to programs that are several months long.

Here’s an example of lecture slides

Content and Strategy: Using blogs, content and social media to drive business results for your brand. For Estonian Business School MBA students on Oct 18, 2012.

Here’s what others say:

Priits speeches are always about money. If he talks about bounce-rate, he talks how it affects your money stream, if he talks about design, he talks how it generates more money for you, etc. If you want web-poetry, dont listen Priit, he somehow ties it to moeny and ruins the moment.
— Henrik Aavik, CEO, Veebipartner

Priit is a visionary leader, excellent presenter and inspires people. Do you rehearse your presentation 7 times? Priit does. Empowered audience walks away from the conference room, with a clarity and enlightenment about the topic that feels natural: “Now this would have been useful in my earlier project, how comes I did not know this? I will put this into practice today.”
— Liina Freivald, PM, Swedbank

Priit is very passionated speaker and knows a lot. His best skill is to make uber-complicated things very easy to understand.
— Annes Org, CEO, Grosenna

Mik OrglaanEvery time I have worked with Priit, he surprises me sharing some new knowledge I should known myself. He keeps me motivated 😉
— Mikk Orglaan, CEO, Mikare

Priit was one of the very first in Estonia, who started to blog about different aspects of internet marketing. His blog posts back in 2005 was a great resource, full of new information and inspiring ideas. As are his posts and speeches today.
— Aivar Ruukel, Owner, www.soomaa.com

Priit is one of the competitors of mine I can suggest to work with. I guess this says all.
— Mihkel Lauk, CEO, MRM Worldwide (business partner)

Priit is certainly one of the strongest new media professionals in Estonia. He has always very good business thinking and well-grounded arguments from client side. He knows how to distinguish essential from non-important and draw distinction between possible and future possibilities.
— Veiko Jääger, Electronic Channel Manager, EMT AS

Priit is dedicated guy who knows what internet is made of. Our past cooperation is been both successful and inspiring, as it certainly will be for days to come.
— Sven Roosna, Owner, Webgate LLC

Working for Priit was one of the best experiences so far. Priit is well organised, committed to his work and a good manager. He puts a lot of passion and effort to his work. This is probably the reason why Priit is ought to be one of the biggest opinion leaders in internet marketing.
— Martin Raadik, Project Manager, DreamGrow Digital

Priit is an innovative thought leader in the areas of social media and internet marketing. Moreover, he is a great guy to work with: creative, enthusiastic, and positive. I first worked with him as a co-director when launching an SEO marketing subsidiary for a Swedish firm. Since then I have used his skills for some social marketing projects and have referred him to other clients for his excellent work. I highly recommend him!
— Robert Vaeth, International Business Consultant, U.S. and Europe

Priit is very orientated to details and good results and is a very good leader and manager. He can work with several projects at the same time and deliver always on time with high quality.
— Alice Aleksandridi, Domain/ Legal Manager, Web Guide Partner, Netlead

Priit is a natural performer. He is easy to follow and he always gives good examples. I recommend his seminars if You want to gain lots of new knowledge!
— Sven-Erik Veimer, CEO, DreamGrow Digital

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