Social Media Weekend: 11 Social Media Cartoons

Technology M&A in 2019

Sometimes we tend to take things awfully seriously. Just to lighten you up and begin the new week with a up beat attitude I collected some cartoons about social media, marketing and marketers. All the images link to original locations so you can find out more. Enjoy!

You’re a social media specialist?

Maslows Hierarchy of Internet Needs (IMAGE)

Maslow's Hierarchy of Internet Needs (IMAGE)

Marketing manager for social networks, Dilbert

Marketing manager for social networks, Dilbert

Social Media Planning 911

Social Media Planning 911

Myspace Losing in Social Media

Myspace Losing in Social Media

Social Media Phobias

Social Media Phobias

Surfing and chating

Surfing and chating

Truth about social media experts

Truth about social media 'experts'

Viral Sucess

Viral Sucess

Social Media Marketing Madness [cartoon]
Geek&Pokes Predictions For The Next 20 Years

Geek&Poke's Predictions For The Next 20 Years

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5 Responses

  1. graham says:

    Great! I can use the Mazlow one for light relief for people who should know the dangers.

  2. Damola Aji says:

    This is so hilarious….and true in some instances e.g. I can so relate to Maslow’s Internet needs.

  3. Gaurav says:

    Thanks for bringing up the funny side of SM

  4. Priit Kallas says:

    Thanks Nikki. I’m really glad you can use this.

  5. Nikki Phillips says:

    Thankyou!!!! I teach interactive and direct marketing and these will brighten up my slides considerably x

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