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We have had a long pause in Social Media Weekend because we moved our office and did a lot of seminar and conference work. Now the Social Media Weekend is back and here are the post that will help you make your marketing better.

78% of European marketers unhappy with social media measurement.

The Adobe survey, polled 500 marketing directors in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, and Scandinavia, looking at the usage, measurement and attitudes to social media marketing across the continent. 36% of marketing directors are attempting to measure social media ROI, but are not sure about the accuracy of this. A further 19% don’t currently measure this, but would like to.

20 Variables Every Marketer Should Be Testing. While we believe marketers should constantly be testing their marketing, the first step is identifying the different marketing variables you can test. The following 20 testing variables can lead you to discover valuable opportunities to optimize and improve the performance of your marketing initiatives.

Hotmail declares war on newsletters. A recent Hotmail blog that announced changes to the way they handle mail, and as the world’s largest email provider, these changes are significant for anyone in the email marketing business. So what are the changes and how will they affect email marketing in the lead up to Christmas?

58% of Facebook Users Expect Exclusive Content From Business Pages [Data]. Do your Facebook marketing strategies align with your fans’ expectations? New research from ExactTarget reveals some interesting insights for marketers. Only 42% of US Facebook users think marketers should interpret a ‘like’ to mean the user is a fan of your business.

Inspiring Social Media Facts You Should Know. Inspiring stats that show the value of investing your resources in social media. Facts about social media you should know and use to plan out your social media activities.

Twitter as a giant global mood ring. Send a message to your audience when they are happy. Researchers used Twitter to eavesdrop upon the world’s moods, as they rise and fall throughout the day and across the week. By analysing half a billion tweets from 2.4 million people in 84 different countries, they found that, on average, people wake up in a good mood, which falls away over the course of the day.

Google Plus Tab for Pages. Add Google+ tab to your Facebook page to stream your Google Plus profile updates. Google+ example tab featuring Sergey Brin.

Community Only Means Something If You Keep It Warm. If you’re not sure what to do in this regard, here’s a simple list from Chris Brogan.

How to Make Any Good Blog Great. What made the popular blogs great? Was it the fantastic design? The voice of the writer? The consistently useful content and easy subscription buttons and successful marketing? While a combination of these things certainly made them top tier blogs, I noticed they had something else in common.

Facebook now the size of the Internet in 2004. You’ve all heard the stat, if Facebook were a country, it would be the the third largest in the world. That stat was initially shared when Facebook hit 500 million users. Now the site has more than 800 million users and a new comparison that’s worthy of blog posts, tweets and conference presentations…Facebook now has as many users as the entire Internet did in 2004, which ironically is the year Facebook debuted.

Social Media Marketing 2019, PPC on 10+ Platforms.

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