Social Media Weekend: Social Proof or Social Pioneering, Global Social Networking, Doctors on Social Media

Technology M&A in 2019

2010 social networking reportComputer and cell phone usage up around the world, global publics embrace social networking. The survey finds three countries close behind the United States in social network usage: in Poland (43%), Britain (43%) and South Korea (40%), at least four-in-ten adults say they use such sites. And at least a third engage in social networking in France (36%), Spain (34%), Russia (33%) and Brazil (33%).

Which is More Powerful: Social Proof or Social Pioneering? A series of experiments to test the concept of social proof on the web. I found that on the article level, being the first person to Tweet something seems to be a more powerful motivator. On the site level however, visitors had a slight preference towards subscribing to a site that had a large number of subscribers.

The Decline Of Web 2.0. Web 2.0 is merging into larger more functional social networks. Facebook seems to be taking over many of the specific sites like Delicious, Digg, Flickr. It’s amazing what a couple of years do though because as we can see below, some of the biggest sites from the “Web 2.0 generation” are either on a massive decline, facing huge competition or about to be closed down.

Why Social Initiatives Span Business Silos. How Heathrow’s Twitter feed changes with the emergency. Heathrow (thankfully) has been using its Twitter presence to provide updates that are better than what you’d get from many other sources.

STUDY: Most Doctors Decline ‘Friend’ Requests From Patients. Researchers surveyed 202 postgraduate trainee doctors at Rouen University Hospital in France and found that about three out of every four had a Facebook account. Almost half of those surveyed thought the doctor-patient relationship would be compromised if patients found out their docs were logging onto Facebook, but three out of four said the relationship would only be changed if the patient could access their profile.

Deloitte Report: 65 Percent of Life Sciences Company Professionals Use/Plan to Use Social Networking. As many life sciences companies begin to test the waters of online social networking, 65 percent of surveyed life sciences company professionals say their company uses or plans to use social networks at a company level in some capacity, while a surprising 35 percent report no plans to do so, according to a new Deloitte report. Full report PDF here.

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