Tips for Using Pinterest for Brand Promotion

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Tips for Using Pinterest for Brand PromotionSince first hitting the scene merely two years ago, Pinterest has quickly become the new darling of the social media world. The service allows users to quickly share images gleaned from across the web with their friends, making “boards” that contain images fitting within a certain category. Pinterest has proven to be an immensely addictive pastime for some users, many of whom routinely spend hours using the service. In addition to these users, however, Pinterest has also become a hot spot for business professionals. The structure of the social media service makes it perfect for marketers who would like to promote their brand. By sharing images that are tied to a particular theme, or in this case, a product line or service, brands can get their name out there and encourage users to interact with their content. Of course, to use Pinterest for brand promotion, it is essential to work to develop effective marketing strategies. The following ideas are some great ways to get started branding on Pinterest, drumming up interest in your brand and connecting with those who may wish to make a purchase.

Pinterest Lotteries

The Pinterest lottery is a popular form of brand promotion that has been used by several major companies, including apparel stores and airlines. The idea is relatively simple: the brand pins images of several different items or products, and asks participants to repin the image to one of their boards. Once a set period of time has passed, the company randomly selects someone who has repinned an item from Pinterest, in turn awarding the individual the item in question. This is a great way to have users interact with your brand in a meaningful way, as repins will show up on their profiles, allowing all of their followers to get in on the action.

Gift Lists

Tips for Using Pinterest for Brand PromotionPrimarily used by apparel retailers and other brands that have a wide selection of different products to purchase, gift lists are a great way to inspire followers for upcoming gift giving. From Christmas to Valentines Day, there are plenty of opportunities throughout the year to run a seasonal gift lists. By pinning items to a board that could potentially provide inspiration to a gift giver, you not only help spur purchases, but could cause someone else to repin an item, in turn drumming up more business. This makes a gift list an interesting idea to consider.

Create a Wishlist

Tips for Using Pinterest for Brand PromotionAs demonstrated by major retailers like Barneys, sometimes all it takes to get customers involved is to ask them to dream big! The idea behind a wishlist creation is to encourage participants to pin several different items from your store or site to their boards. Once a set period of time has passed, a random recipient, or one who has the most inspired board, can win items from their wishlist. This is a great way to get lots of pins out there across a huge spectrum of different individuals, while also encouraging participants to peruse the pages of your site. Time spend drooling on special items could easily lead to more purchases. Pinterest really leaves the door wide open for companies who are hoping to get their brand more recognized. By providing participants with the opportunity to repin information or to gather pins on their own, companies can engage their customers in entertaining activities that are tied to their brand name. Not only can this lead to increased customer loyalty, but it can help generate attention and energy that will likely prove invaluable in reaching out to a wider customer base.


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