Using Social Media to Make Your Fundraising More Successful

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Using Social Media to Make Your Fundraising More SuccessfulFundraising for charity has never been easier or more accessible than it is today. Whereas a decade ago we would have to send applications by post, record our sponsors on a “sponsor sheet” and then send off a cheque: these days the whole process can be completed online. From the application to the fundraising to the collection.

Another part of the process that you can do online, is the promotion too. Many people over look this part of the fundraising – and think sending out a group email to colleagues is enough to get a decent amounts of funds raised. By using social media though, you can really optimise the fundraising process, by making sure you’re making the most possibly money for your chosen cause.

So what social networks can I use?

The best social networks for helping with fundraising are probably Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can use these three networks in different ways to build excitement towards your charity and your cause, and to build awareness too.

Using Facebook…

Using Social Media to Make Your Fundraising More SuccessfulThe first thing you should do on Facebook is create a group thread and an event. Invite some close friends to your group thread (around 20-30 is a good amount) and ask them to share your event and share you “just-giving page” if you have one. The more people who hear about your fundraising, the more money you’ll make! With the “event” page, you’ll want to invite all your friends along to support you on the big day – of course, they may not actually be able to come and support you, but we’re hoping that they’ll at least donate! Keep your statuses updated too in the run-up to the event. This means linking over to your fundraising site and the charity too. You might not want to update your status every day (it could seem a spammy) but a few times a week is more than acceptable!

Using Twitter…

Using Social Media to Make Your Fundraising More SuccessfulIf you have a big following on Twitter, then simply tweeting about your fundraising on a daily basis will generate lots of interest and support. But there a few other things you can do to get the ball rolling! Always remember to use hashtags on twitter – and to get people interested in sponsoring you then use hashtags like this: #fundraising, #sponsorme and #raisingmoney. You could even tweet at your charity directly in the hopes that they will retweet you! Another great way of getting noticed on twitter, and another great way to increase your fundraising efforts is to tweet celebrities and ask for them to retweet. If you know your charity has an ambassador – then they’re the person you want to be contacting!

Using LinkedIn…

Using Social Media to Make Your Fundraising More SuccessfulAs LinkedIn is primarily a business and professional networking site, this is a great way to get your company or employers involved. If you can get you company to broadcast the fact they’re sponsoring you and to publish it on their LinkedIn page – you’ll most likely get lots of interest from other people in your industry, and from other employees at your company. The bigger the amount your company sponsors the better they’ll look too – so make sure you tell your bosses what you’re planning and how much effort you’re putting into the event!


This article was written by Cancer Research UK who are currently recruiting for a range of charity and fundraising jobs.

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