15 Tips for Creating a Kick-Ass Social Media Campaign

As many of you know, I’m a big fan of creative Social Media campaigns. And luckily we live in the Social Media era, where there is no shortage of them.

But what are the characteristics of a rocking Social Media campaign? How do companies gain millions of fans on Facebook and attract thousands of people to take part their campaigns?

Here are 15 tips for creating a kick-ass Social Media campaign.

1. Don’t give out an iPad.
Unless you work for Apple, but otherwise just don’t do it. Please.

2. Define your goals.
Do you want fans on Facebook or newsletter subscribers? What do you want achieve with your campaign? Figure it out before you start.

3. Don’t spam.
You hate spam, don’t you? So don’t spam your customer with links to your product or website more than you have to. Try to be helpful and insightful instead.

4. Provide value.
Why should anyone take part of your campaign? What’s my gain? This can be either physical or mental. Great campaigns have both.

5. Brand it well.
Use your logo, your colors, your overall visual identity. If your campaign is using pictures or videos, brand those as well.

6. Measure your campaign.
This is a big one but still not everybody is doing this. So be sure to hook up Google Analytics or other measuring tools you might like.

7. Have a kick-ass copy.
Don’t use big words. It’s important to make sense and be memorable.

8. Don’t direct sell.
Instead generate leads with your Social Media campaign and sell to those leads later on.

9. Be innovative.
I think I already covered this one – don’t give out an iPad. It’s the outrageously awesome campaigns people will remember and talk about.

10. Be organized.
Plan your steps. You should know when and what to do in every part of your campaign.

11. Be consistent
Don’t leave big gaps in your campaign but don’t overkill with your messages. Find the sweet spot.

12. Have a magnet/bait.
Use free ebooks, discount codes, vouchers and so on to convert your visitors into leads.

13. Don’t be everywhere.
Focus on quality over quantity. Find the right Social Network for your product and campaign.

14. Have fun.
Almost every successful campaign uses humor to connect with their visitors. This will make you look friendly to your audience.

15. Use the right network.
Video campaigns will work better on YouTube than of Facebook, though Facebook supports videos.

There you go. Now you know how to run a well oiled Social Media campaign.

Did I leave some important characteristics or tips out? If so, leave it in the comments below.

Image credit Evelyn Giggles

3 Responses

  1. And one more thing, NEVER moderate your blog!

    Laurie Hurley

  2. Hey! Great tips. I agree with everything except #13. One can be everywhere with styles, but still speaking to their target market and staying on brand. Loved the rest!

    Laurie Hurley
    Licensed Coach
    Social Networking Coaching Club

    • David Bailey says:

      I tend to agree with Raul on #13 – be where it’s right, not where it’s popular.

      This is mostly the reason why every company and their dog has a Facebook page for no other reason than ‘they have one, I want one too!’

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