Spocket Is The Most Useful Dropshipping Tool in 2023
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The Best Dropshipping Tools for 2024 (Prices, Features, Tips, & More)

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best dropshipping tools reviewed

The Best Dropshipping Tools for 2024 (Prices, Features, Tips, & More)

Home / Ecommerce / The Best Dropshipping Tools for 2024 (Prices, Features, Tips, & More)
best dropshipping tools reviewed
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Don’t listen to the haters. There’s never been a better time to start a dropshipping business.

There are more dropshipping tools, services, platforms, and customers than ever before. There might be more competition, but demand has grown exponentially. 

And it’s never been this easy to find a product, build a store, market to customers, and grow a successful dropshipping business to six figures or more.

I spent the last 30 days gathering info from successful dropshippers in my personal circle, talking to friends, researching reviews, and eating zero-calorie ice cream to create my review of the absolute best dropshipping tools for every facet of your new business.

Ready to start your dropshipping journey and live a life of freedom? Here’s all the tools you’ll ever need.

Let’s DO IT!

The Best Dropshipping Website Builders

Let’s start with building your e commerce store. You actually want to sell products, right?

It’s vital that you choose a platform for your online store that fits your dropshipping business experience and technical abilities. 

If not, you’ll waste a ton of money and fail to get off the ground. Or worse, you’ll spend thousands of dollars and run into a wall with your dropshipping business that’s impossible to break through.

Lucky for you, there are a few awesome online store builders that require zero experience and handle all of the technical, financial, security, and maintenance legwork starting from $0 a month.

Don’t worry, it’s actually really simple. Here are my top 3 picks.

1. Shopify – The Best Dropshipping Website Builder and eCommerce Platform


Price: Starting from $29

Key Features:

  • Create a dropshipping store in 20 minutes
  • Everything from building your store to marketing and shipment tracking
  • The best industry integrations like Zapier and Google analytics
  • No design experience needed with niche specific store themes
  • 14-day free trial

Shopify is your dropshipping business made easy. It’s one of the most powerful dropshipping tools in the industry.

It takes all of the technical aspects of building and hosting a store and turns them into simple-to-use dropshipping tools.

It’s an all-in-one platform designed to let anyone build and host a store, run marketing campaigns, integrate products, ship globally, and accept payments.

Let me put it this way:

Shopify is designed to make starting, running, and growing a dropshipping business as easy as humanly possible.

Just choose a store theme, add your payment details, add products, and you’re ready to roll. 

From there you can build a blog, run ads to Facebook or other social media, or even hire an in-house expert to help you grow.

Screenshot of Shopify

Your subscription (more on that later) covers pretty much everything you’ll ever need for your store:

  • A Shopify storefront
  • A payment gateway
  • Connecting suppliers directly to your store
  • SEO tools
  • Facebook marketing
  • Customer reviews
  • Actionable analytics (and Google Analytics integration)
  • Solid support

And since Shopify is so popular, there are a ton of integrations to make your life easier as you grow like:

  • Print-on-demand services
  • Aliexpress ordering
  • Niche specific plugins for coffee, fashion, artists, cut & sew products, and more
  • Apps for working with Chinese factories
  • Market-specific apps for US, EU, Australia, and China
  • Google Analytics

With pretty much any other store builder, you’re on your own. 

You have to take care of the hosting, security, integrations, etc. by finding other dropshipping tools or services. With Shopify, it’s all under one roof.

The downside is that you pay for the convenience. Shopify starts at $29 per month, but most dropshippers I know pay either $79 or $299 per month. Plus they charge 2.9% + $.30 cents for each transaction. 

If you sell a $100 product, $3.20 goes into Shopify’s endless dungeon of Canada gold (that’s the currency in Canada, right?).

It’s 100% worth it IF you are a beginner or if you just want the most convenient/user-friendly software out there. 

Any extra money you spend will easily be earned back in free time and money not spent on pain killers.

2. WooCommerce – The Best Drop Shipping Website Builder for Advanced Sellers


Price: Free (but you may pay for themes and plugins)

Key Features:

  • Free plugin
  • Turn any WordPress website into an eCommerce store
  • Endless customizations
  • Dropshipping integrations for higher conversions
  • No monthly subscription (completely free!)

WooCommerce is the website builder for anyone who wants full control over every aspect of their store from marketing and speed performance to custom product tabs, button layouts, and even the number of products per page.

Think of it as the anti-Shopify in every way imaginable.

Instead of holding your hand through everything and charging you a subscription fee, WooCommerce basically says “here’s our plugin, turn your WordPress website into a store and figure out the rest”.

So while Shopify charges you for the services of hosting, maintaining, and securing your site plus accepting payments, WooCommerce expects you to handle all of that.

It’s basically pure dropshipping capitalism.

Why WooCommerce Instead of Shopify?

  • Pricing: WooCommerce is free. You’ll still need to pay for a domain for your WordPress site, hosting, and plugins, though. The good thing is you only add what you need as you go rather than paying a subscription for everything all at once. Shopify transactions and subscription payments will start to eat into your profits big time, especially as you grow. It’s nice not giving away 3% of sales every month to Shopify.
  • Customization options: Right now there are 58,000+ integration options available for WooCommerce. And if you need something else, just get someone to create it. WooCommerce is open-source, so anyone can create anything.
  • Dropshipping advantages: WooCommerce has a ton of cool dropshipping extensions like fulfilling orders from your website or creating a marketplace on your site for other vendors to sell their products.

So the downside is that it’s not beginner-friendly at all. 

You’re on your own. You’ll be responsible for the hosting, SSL certificate, building a store, choosing the right integrations, and all that jazz.

The learning curve is huge, and if you don’t know what you’re doing or don’t have guidance, you could screw it up.

Ask yourself “do I know what I’m doing and what I need?”. If yes, WooCommerce is a great dropshipping tool. 

If not, use Shopify.

As some additional background, I’ve been running online businesses for over 13 years, consider myself fairly technically savvy and I wouldn’t touch WooCommerce with a 10-feet pole.

3. CommerceHQ – The Best Website Builder for Marketing Pros

CommerceHQ - The Best Website Builder for Marketing Pros

Price: Starting from $99

Key Features:

  • Best conversion tools for more sales
  • Dropified and MailChimp integration
  • Best customer support in the industry
  • Built-in upsell tools
  • All features included in every plan
  • No transaction fees

CommerceHQ works like a dream for professional marketers. 

It’s kind of like Shopify, except with built-in conversion, marketing, and other dropshipping tools, and WITHOUT a lot of beginner-friendly features that make Shopify ideal for new dropshipping business owners.

It’s not cheap, but every membership comes with a visual store builder, abandoned cart recovery, and no processing fees. 

Plus some cool conversion tricks like:

  • Custom upsell campaign builder: Once a customer orders, you can hit them with additional offers via email to make even more sales.
  • Built-in conversion features: My favorite is the countdown timer. If someone is searching your site, they’ll see a countdown saying “deal ends in 1 day!”. Making products scarce has shown to increase sales exponentially.
  • Streamlined checkout: CommerceHQ displays the steps involved in checkout plainly and transparently, increasing trust and conversions.

Plus it has easy integration with Dropified (automated dropshipping tasks) and MailChimp (easy email marketing software)

The downside here is that you need to know how to use all this stuff to get the most value. And you’ll be responsible for extra odds and ends like setting up your own merchant account. 

If you’re a marketing pro that knows how to connect the dots and manage a successful campaign with upsells, cart recovery, and emails, this was built for you. 

If not, stick with Shopify.

Note: CommerHQ is NOT cheap (see below), but when you consider “hidden” fees from Shopify like integrations and transaction fees, it’s actually not that much more expensive.

CommerceHQ Pricing Plans

The Best Dropshipping Supplier Sourcing Tools

Supplier sourcing tools shortcut the entire weeks-long search process, turning what used to be Hell on Earth into a matter of a few hours of research and evaluation. 

Trust me, only go with a reputable tool that actually puts work into vetting suppliers and helps you make an informed choice. A bad supplier will sink any store no matter how much work you put into it.

1. Spocket – The Best Dropshipping Supplier Sourcing Tool for the USA and EU

Price: Free | Paid: $24 – $99/mo

Key Features:

  • Higher-quality product on average than Asian suppliers
  • Super fast delivery times
  • Clean, simple interface
  • Better, faster communication
  • WooCommerce compatible

Spocket is the #1 supplier sourcing option for anyone who wants the best products from the best suppliers. Instead of Aliexpress, products are produced and shipped by US and EU suppliers, reducing shipping times and improving quality – for the most part.

Spocket instantly gives your store an edge: While everyone else is selling cheaper goods from Asia with long delivery times, you’ll have higher quality products at their door in as little as 48 hours.

Personally, I think the difference in product quality between Spocket and others is overblown, but it’s definitely noticeable.

The real advantages of Spocket over more popular plugins (like #2) are:

  1. Shipping times
  2. Communication
  3. Supplier vetting
  4. Spocket works with WooCommerce

Basically, you’re paying extra for better products, better suppliers, and faster shipping. 

Shipping from Asia can take up to a few weeks. With Spocket, products arrive at the customer’s door in 2-3 days. With expedited shipping, products can be there in as little as 24 hours.

Wow, Spocket Sounds Amazing. Why Doesn’t Everyone Use it?

Good question.

For one, Spocket is a lot pricier than competitors. Most dropshippers will pay ~$50/mo compared to $29.99 with Spocket’s main competitor. Here’s Spocket’s pricing:

Another issue is that Spocket’s stricter supplier vetting results in fewer suppliers and fewer products. Some products are even hidden behind a paywall, so if you’re trying to save money with the Starter plan, you’ll be shut out of the best products (and helpful customer support).

If you’re willing to pay more in exchange for better quality, Spocket is made for you. If you want to take the traditional route and sell cheaper products from Asia, you'll need something else.

Honestly it's a bit of a no-brainer in 2024, especially with all the supply chain issues around the world. Check out my full Spocket review for more information.

NOTE: Spocket works with WooCommerce and Shopify.

2. Oberlo – The Best Supplier Sourcing and Order Processing Tool for Shopify

Oberlo - The Best Supplier Sourcing and Order Processing Tool for Shopify

2023 BIG UPDATE! Oberlo has officially been shut down.

Until today this was the best alternative to Spocket but with Oberlo out of the picture, Spocket is even more of a steal. Most other similar tools don't come close to Oberlo, so I'd highly encourage you to go the Spocket route.

Price: Free | Pro Plan: $29.90/mo

Key Features:

  • Find dropshipping suppliers easily on the largest product/supplier market for Shopify
  • More products and suppliers than Spocket
  • One-click integration to Shopify stores
  • All the data you need to evaluate a supplier
  • Evaluate competition at a glance

Oberlo is a bridge between your suppliers and your dropshipping business that’s aimed mostly at beginner dropshippers. Unlike Spocket, it’s more of a high volume, low price market for the world market.

Once your Shopify store is ready to go, Oberlo connects you to suppliers and lets you import, edit, and list products. They even provide awesome customer support and dropshipping training. As far as dropshipping tools go, it’s as beginner-friendly as it gets.

Think of it like a giant dropshipping product bazaar minus the snake charmers.

Instead of spending days or weeks finding a reliable supplier, adding multiple products to your store, and endlessly customizing each listing and photo in Shopify, Oberlo connects you directly to suppliers and lets you perform all that work right in the app.

Say you want to find a new product for your Shopify dropshipping store. All you need to do is:

  1. Search Oberlo and analyze products based on star rating and review count
  2. Check the order count to see how popular/competitive it is
  3. Check how many merchants are selling said product
  4. Do some due diligence on suppliers by checking their feedback and star rating

Boom! That’s it. You have a good product from a reliable supplier. 

Normally, that would have taken weeks of manual research. I do recommend that you still do market research by at least checking Google Trends, though. 

Now just add to your store, add some descriptions, and take the photos from the supplier. You can even track orders directly through the app.

Oberlo is nice, huh?

The only downsides are that it’s Shopify ONLY and you can ONLY ADD FROM ALIEXPRESS. Hence why so many use Spocket or other sourcing apps.

The main issue is products might be slightly lower quality and take a while to ship from China.

If you prefer products from North America or the EU, stick with Spocket.

3. DSers – The Best Dropshipping Supplier Tool for Multi-Store Owners

DSers - The Best Dropshipping Supplier Tool for Multi-Store Owners

Pricing: Free – $49.9/mo

Key Features:

  • Best free version in the business
  • Up to 25 simultaneous stores
  • Easy bulk orders from AliExpress
  • One-of-a-kind Supplier Optimizer

DSers is a great alternative to Oberlo for intermediate to advanced dropshippers for a few key reasons.

  1. Free Plan: Oberlo has a free plan too, but DSers’ free lifetime plan lets you do so much more. For example, bulk orders, multiple stores, and shipment tracking.
  2. Multiple Stores: Each Oberlo account only supports one Shopify store. With DSers, you can pay for up to 25 stores. By the way, if you have 25 stores, send me an email so we can discuss a few things.
  3. Bulk ordering and tracking: DSers offers bulk ordering and tracking on all plans. You’ll be able to place 100s of orders to AliExpress at the same time in just a few clicks, and easily keep track of things with tracking numbers.
  4. Supplier optimizer: I love this tool. Want to find the same product from a better supplier at a lower selling price? Drop the Aliexpress link in Supplier Optimizer and it’ll spit back the best suppliers for that product. No market research needed. The future is here!
  5. Price: DSers starts at $1.99 and their most popular plan is $19.99. Savings add up quickly!
Dsers works with WooCommerce, AliExpress, Shopify, Paypal

Plus it works with WooCommerce if you’ve decided to build your store on that platform.

Oberlo is definitely way more beginner-friendly. The interface is way nicer, and it’s a lot easier to find your way around. 

And what good are features like multiple stores, bulk tracking, and advanced mapping if you don’t have multiple stores, lots of products, or any need for advanced mapping?

Plus Oberlo has awesome training and way better support. It’s kind of like the difference between camping at a super nice campground with toilets, a bar, and showers and just getting a nice tent and camping in Alaska. 

If it’s your first time, take the safe option. If you’re a pro, go to bear country.

The Best Dropshipping Product Research Tools

Just poking around on Google trends ain’t going to cut it these days. There are too many online sellers. 

You need to dig deep and do real market research to build a profitable business. That means you need powerful dropshipping software for product market research, or you might as well quit now.

Nothing can save you if you choose a loser (that’s life in general…). Your entire business hinges on this very moment.

Just kidding…

But for the love of god, DO NOT halfass the research phase. Invest in the best tool you can afford, there’s no going back.

1. SaleHoo – The Best Cheap Dropshipping Product Research Tool and Directory

SaleHoo - The Best Cheap Dropshipping Product Research Tool and Directory

Price: $67 Annual | $127 Lifetime Access

Key Features:

  • Vetted suppliers with key info
  • Training for new dropshippers
  • All the data you need for evaluating products like product quality and range
  • Reviews from other users

SaleHoo is the fastest and most reliable way to source products online in my experience.

Part product research tool, part supplier directory, and part dropshipping academy, SaleHoo is probably the most reliable and popular product finding community for new dropshippers.

The cool thing is that they’ve already done a lot of the research for you. Going through traditional methods to find a shipper is like walking through a minefield of fake reviews, misleading salespeople, and low-quality products.

SaleHoo only works with vetted suppliers and displays key info like:

  • Contact info
  • Product range
  • Average product quality
  • Customer service rating
  • Shipping methods

Plus there’s a solid community of eCom pros to chat with in case you aren’t sure. That way, you end up only with suppliers that others have actually used before, greatly decreasing your chances of suppliers running out on you or closing down randomly.

One more important thing here: NO ORDER MINIMUMS!

In case you don’t have much money to get started, a lot of suppliers on SaleHoo have low or zero minimum order requirements. You can partner up without having to put a guaranteed order value. 

Definitely a big advantage for new dropshippers.

2. Sell the Trend – The Best Dropshipping Product Research Tool

Sell the Trend - The Best Dropshipping Product Research Tool

Price: $39.97/mo

Key Features:

  • One-glance product evaluation
  • The most complete product data online
  • Demand prediction tool
  • Marketing tools for Facebook

Sell The Trend scans the entire eCom sphere to keep its finger on the pulse of the product market. Then it displays that data for you so you can make more informed product decisions.

Basically, it analyzes data from Shopify, AliExpress, Facebook, and other platforms to see what people are buying, then it gives you a detailed picture of the product, customers, and competition.

Once you choose a niche (they cover 83 niches in total), you’re taken to a product page with helpful information like:

  • Number of stores currently selling the product
  • Order numbers
  • Real product cost
  • Suggested retail price

They even have a cool predictive AI tool to help you forecast demand and pick a winner before it pops.

Sell The Trend has a cool predictive AI tool to help you forecast demand and pick a winner before it pops

Once you’ve got a product, head to their supplier directory and connect with a vetted supplier. After that, Sell The Trend even has marketing tools like Facebook Interests Targeting Tool and a library of easy-to-copy Facebook ads.

It’s not cheap, but considering this one tool covers product research, suppliers, marketing, and building product pages, it’s worth the money.

3. DropShip.Me – The Easiest Product Research Tool for New Dropshippers

 DropShip.Me - The Easiest Product Research Tool for New Dropshippers

Price: Free – $199 one-time fee

Key Features:

  • Free up to 50 products
  • Import products, titles, and images directly
  • Handpicked profitable items based on key demand and quality metrics

What if, instead of manually searching for winning products, editing their titles, and polishing images, there was a free WordPress plugin that did all that for you?

Behold, DropShip.Me.

Dropship.Me is a library of 50,000 handpicked, high-potential products based on vast swaths of data that I’m nearly well-qualified enough to explain to you.

With this plugin, you don’t have to waste time searching for high-potential products, because they’ve already done the work for you.

Once you find something you like, just click and import it. The title has already been optimized and the images have been polished. Check out the pics!

Dropship.Me is a library of 50,000 handpicked, high-potential products based on vast swaths of data

Just install, choose a category, choose a product with confidence, and import. That’s really it. And it’s 100% free for the first 50 products. After that, there’s a one-time fee (no recurring fee). The hours saved from not optimizing titles, descriptions, and images alone is worth the price.

4. Dropship Spy – My Favorite Dropshipping Product Research Tool for Shopify

Dropship Spy - My Favorite Dropshipping Product Research Tool for Shopify

Price: $19/mo (on special now) or $200 yearly

Key Features:

  • Product research plus audience insights
  • Influencer marketing directory
  • Supplier directory
  • Ad and listing copy provided

Dropship Spy is more than a dropshipping product research tool – it’s a dropshipping store incubator. Want the fastest path to real, organic growth? This is it.

Think of it more like a team of dropshipping consultants working to grow your online store than a “tool” itself.

How Does Dropship Spy Work?

It’s actually really simple:

  • Choose a product from their directory: Dropship Spy has over 3,000 handpicked products from their expert team. They choose only the best.
  • Choose a supplier: They’ve got the top 3 suppliers for each product. Choose the one who gives you the best offer.
  • Market your product using their data: They’ll provide key audience engagement metrics and sales trends as well as video of each product, ad copy, and audiences to show Facebook ads to.
  • Connect with influencers: Dropship Spy works with nearly 1,000 Instagram influencers ready to promote your product.

See how it “shortcuts” the success curve for you? They make it easy to find a winning product, market to the right audiences, and find influencers to grow.

My only caveat is that you shouldn’t rely solely on their data, copy, products, etc. You need to know what you’re doing first. Their service isn’t 100% plug-and-play. For example, I highly recommend you make your own ad copy and tweak Facebook ad audiences as you go along.

For $200/year, however, the service is a no-brainer.

5. Jungle Scout – The Best Product Research Tool for Amazon Dropshipping

Jungle Scout - The Best Product Research Tool for Amazon Dropshipping

Price: $49 – $129/mo

Key Features:

  • More Amazon product data than anyone else
  • Key metrics to evaluate winning products like Opportunity Score
  • Historical data to measure trends
  • Unrivaled competitor data
  • Granular data like search volume, average pricing, and units sold
  • Awesome Chrome extension (for easy keyword research)

Jungle Scout’s Opportunity Finder is probably the best dropshipping research tool in existence. 

It’s instant access to high-demand, low-competition products and valuable metrics like Opportunity Score, search volumes, pricing, units sold, and a ton more.

Just enter your product into their Opportunity Finder and it tells you whether it’s a winner or not.

Jungle Scout Instantly Tells You:

  • How good of an opportunity a product is
  • Top performing products in every niche
  • How stiff the competition is
  • Historical data
  • Monthly search volume
  • Average pricing

That’s just scratching the surface. 

Ideally, you’ll want a product with a high “Opportunity Score, a score based on an algorithm of sales, performance, and competition data from Amazon.  

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you… a hooded baby towel:

Jungle Scout's Opportunity Score

Opportunity Score is not the be all and end all, but it is super convenient to have.

Jungle Scout only works with Amazon. 

The Amazon dropshipping model is a lot more complicated than other platforms, and opens you up to higher fees and more competition. Definitely worth taking a look, though. 

If you do decide to go the Amazon route, Jungle Scout makes building a business insanely easy. Everything from inventory tracking numbers to optimizing for successful listings, pinpoint data from search results.

The Best Dropshipping Competitor Research Tools

The most successful dropshippers don’t reinvent the wheel. 

They look at what similar competitors are doing, copy what’s working, and improve on weak points to gain a competitive advantage. Why do all the hard work when all the hard work has been done for you?

One of the biggest mistakes in the industry is NOT reverse engineering successful competitors. If you don’t, you’ll be flying blind and taking shots in the dark. Think of this as a necessary investment. NOT an expense.

1. Similarweb – The Best Competitor Spying Tool

Similarweb - The Best Competitor Spying Tool

Price: Free – Custom (expect hundreds per month)

Key Features:

  • Industry’s largest data collection
  • Trust by huge brands
  • End-to-end insights across every part of your business
  • More metrics and data than competitors

Similarweb is the largest collection of competitive intelligence data available online, and the competitor spying tool used by obscure small businesses like Google, WalMart, and Booking.com.

It empowers you to optimize your marketing strategy by providing actionable insights from PPC, social media, SEO, and influencer marketing strategies. 

That way, you can find out what they’re doing poorly and attack them at their weak points. Or, you can find out what they’re doing well so you can reverse engineer it and use their hard work to make money.

Dropshippers can use SimilarWeb to:

  • Benchmark their own performance against industry standards, so they can see what’s really working or not
  • Discover the most valuable marketing tactics across channels like email, social media, and paid search ads
  • Create better content based on competitor’s sites and trending keywords
  • Identify competitor affiliates 
  • Optimize your paid ads strategy by discovering your competitor’s best performing ads and networks

Similarweb IS NOT cheap, and NOT beginner friendly. Kiddy game is down the road, folks. 

There is a very limited free version, but you won’t get much out of it. 

You’ll need to upgrade to Pro. The good news is SimilarWeb can be customized to meet your needs as a dropshipping store. 

The bad news is it’ll probably cost a few hundred dollars a month minimum.

2. Commerce Inspector – The Best Cheap Competitor Research Tool

Commerce Inspector - The Best Cheap Competitor Research Tool

Price: Free – $299

Key Features:

  • Granular competitor data right in your browser
  • Excellent launch data to plan successful launches
  • Accurate estimated profit margins, so you can find more lucrative items to sell
  • Device-level data to run better ads
  • Competitor apps

Did you just hang up on your SimilarWeb sales rep in tears when you heard your custom pricing plans?

Join the club.

If so, this neat Chrome browser Extension provides lucrative competitive insights into nearly 900,000 Shopify stores at a fraction of the price. Including recent launches, ads, best sellers, traffic sources, units sold, and a lot more. It’ll even show you which dropshipping apps a competitor’s store is using.

Commerce Inspector allows you to find a successful store you aspire to be, reverse engineer what they’re doing, and copy it on your way to success.

Say you want to sell insanely overpriced shoes to rich New Yorkers, all you have to do is spy on Steve Madden, see where his traffic comes from, which apps he’s using, how much of each product he’s selling, and what type of ad copy works for him. That’s it. 

Now just find $10 million dollars in capital and you can take him head on (DO NOT do that).

OK, seriously. Commerce Inspector provides very helpful information like:

  • Profit margins
  • Product engagement
  • The most in-demand products from each store and the market as a whole
  • Geography (who’s buying what from where)
  • Device data (phone, laptop, tablet, etc.)
  • Competitor themes
Commerce Inspector

You’ll have to upgrade to one of the paid pricing plans to get the juiciest data like product revenue, apps, and historical ad data. But the free plan will get you a decent amount of data to play around with until you’re ready to upgrade a premium account.

The Best Dropshipping Shipping and Fulfillment Tools

OK, now you’ve actually got to find a way to get your product to your customer’s door.

There are a few industry standard services made for dropshippers that connect you directly to the fastest, most reliable shippers. 

Don’t overthink it. Faster delivery times are a major competitive advantage. If your products don’t arrive within a week or 2, MAX, customers will find products that do.

1. Easyship – The Best Dropshipping Shipping and Fulfillment Tool for Shopify

Easyship - The Best Dropshipping Shipping and Fulfillment Tool for Shopify

Price: Free | Paid From $29/mo

Key Features:

  • Access to 250+ shippers
  • Ship to any customer almost everywhere
  • Industry-leading rates
  • Super easy to use with Shopify
  • Free up to 100 shipments
  • Automated dropshipping processes like billing and tax calculation

Easyship is Shopify’s #1 shipping app, and the most popular new dropshippers for two simple reasons:

  1. Ship anything almost everywhere: 250+ shippers sending things to every corner of the globe. You never have to worry about shipping issues or delays again.
  2. It’s free: Yes, the best shipping app available is free up to 100 shipments a month. If you’re new, chances are you won’t hit that plateau for a long time. 
Easyship is Shopify’s number one shipping app

Easyship gives you access to hundreds of shippers and bulk-discounted shipping rates up to 70% off retail prices (according to the company). Pretty much everyone I know in the industry either uses it now or got started with it.

It makes your life so much easier with features like:

  • Tax, VAT, and shipping cost calculation
  • Label and shipping document generation
  • Automated shipping rules
  • Item category base tax
  • Dynamic rates at checkout for higher conversions

Easyship connects you to the largest network of international and domestic couriers, automates repetitive tasks, and calculates taxes, duties, and tariffs for you. And it does it for free. What else do you want?

2. ShippingEasy – Your Entire Shipping Department In One App

ShippingEasy - Your Entire Shipping Department In One App

Price: $5 – $159/mo

Key Features:

  • Your whole shipping department in one tool
  • Marketing features for higher ROI
  • Actionable shipping insights to reduce costs and improve operations
  • 30-day free trial

Second place in our battle of the best dropshipping tools with “easy” and “ship” in the title is ShippingEasy.

While EasyShip is just a free – but awesome! – tool that connects you to hundreds of shipping services, ShippingEasy is basically your entire shipping department in one tool.

Think of this as an all-in-one selling platform that handles everything from shipping to follow up emails, returns, and analytics.

Easyship is essentially “oh, you need to send something? Here’s your label and tax bill, let’s find you a cheap shipper”. 

ShippingEasy on the other hand is more like “let’s automate your entire shipping workflow, run email campaigns, request feedback, analyze shipping metrics, send some abandoned cart emails AND THEN we’ll connect you with one of our shipping partners”.

ShippingEasy only works with the major carriers like USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL International

ShippingEasy only works with the major carriers like USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL International.

If you’re looking for a shipping tool that can also increase sales and reduce inefficiencies, you’re looking at it.

The Best Dropshipping Marketing and Email Tools

Remember what I just said about shipping being a competitive advantage? Well, marketing is even more of an edge. The most successful stores are the ones in front of the most eyes. 

Some dropshipping tools are all-you-can-eat powerhouses equivalent to a marketing agency within your own company. Other tools are basic free tools ideal for beginner stores. Read up and get the right one for your current situation.

1. GetResponse – The Best Dropshipping Marketing Tool for Funnels

GetResponse - The Best Dropshipping Marketing Tool for Funnels

Price: $15 – $99

Key Features:

  • Best for high-converting funnels and landing pages
  • Webinars 
  • Advanced automations for high-converting campaigns
  • Email, landing pages, funnels, and ads all in one place

GetResponse is my favorite tool for building high converting funnels and delivering the perfect content to the right user at the right time.

GetResponse has the best overall combination of high-converting landing pages, social media ad marketing, advanced but simple enough automations, and email tools.

As a dropshipper, you’ll be able to build repeat business, keep your audience engaged, run promotions, run webinars, have more successful launches, and make more sales on autopilot.


What puts it over the top are the pre-built sales and lead magnet funnels. All you need to do is select a template, fill in emails according to suggestions, and build targeted landing pages (also templated). That’s it. You’ll be able to attract more customers, nurture leads slowly, and convert them at the right time – all 100% hands off.

The best part? Once they’ve bought from you, GetResponse lets you remarket to them by recommending products products you’re certain they’ll like. The result? More sales while you focus on something else.

2. Klaviyo – The Best Dropshipping Marketing Tool

Klaviyo - The Best Dropshipping Marketing Tool

Price: Custom

Key Features:

  • Built-in CRM for higher ROI
  • SMS marketing
  • More reporting and analytics
  • Detailed automations with high-converting templates

Klaviyo is like GetResponse, just better for dropshippers (and more expensive)

The personalization, segmentation, and automation are a step beyond anything GetReponse offers. You get powerful email marketing plus:

  • CRM: Put all your subscribers’ data in one place along with customer profiles to further improve efficiency.
  • Targeted forms: Specify who sees which type of form based on device, location, or any of your customer segments.
  • SMS marketing: The biggest advantage to Klaviyo in my opinion. The company claims users who text see 24x ROI. If you open multiple channels, you’ll have a major competitive advantage. 
  • Better automations: Price drop, happy birthday, abandoned cart, cross sells, up sells, welcome series_it’s all there and more.

And that all comes with the best data science and reporting in the business. If you’re ready to take a step up from GetResponse and have the audience to do it, then go for it. Just be prepared to pay and put in the time to learn. The learning curve is a bit steep.

If you’re looking for a cheap and simple tool, you’re better off with my next pick.

3. MailChimp – The Best Free Dropshipping eMail Marketing Service

MailChimp - The Best Free Dropshipping eMail Marketing Service

Price: Free – $299/mo

Key Features:

  • Best free plan in the business
  • Simple drag-and-drop builder (no experience needed)
  • Basic CRM for higher ROI
  • Solid landing pages for free
  • Build an entire funnel for free

Mailchimp is most dropshippers' first email marketing tool.

You can do pretty much everything you need for a new dropshipping store right in one platform 100% FREE. 

The free plan includes:

  • The easiest email builder on Earth
  • A basic marketing CRM
  • Forms and landing pages (including templates)
  • A simple website builder

Anyone can make high-converting emails and basic automations with zero experience. It’s that easy. 

If you haven’t made your first sale yet, this is the right tool for you. As you grow, MailChimp grows with you cheaply and easily.

MaiChimp does what pretty much every other tool does – emails, newsletters, automated flows, CRM, etc. – just much cheaper and easier (at the beginning).

MailChimp is a no-brainer for new dropshippers. Once you start really building an audience, move over to GetResponse or Klaviyo.

The Best Social Media Marketing Tools

A lot of dropshippers neglect social media tools and focus solely on blogging or paid ads – big mistake. 

Apps like Instagram and TikTok are a free and functionally unlimited source of traffic and sales. If you really want to grow, you’ll need a social media marketing tool that produces high quality images at minimum.

1. Tailwind – The Best All-in-One Social Media Marketing Tool

Tailwind - The Best All-in-One Social Media Marketing Tool

Price: Free – $39.99/mo

Key Features:

  • Free up to 20 posts per month
  • Content idea generator
  • One-click shoppable feeds for easy sales
  • Fast and accurate hashtag finder to reach low-competition buyers
  • Schedule a week of content in 15 minutes or less

Tailwind is an all-in-one Instagram and Pinterest marketing toolkit that helps you create, schedule, and plan beautiful visual content.

Instagram and Pinterest are two powerhouse sources of free traffic, especially for dropshipping stores in the clothing and jewelry niches. Since you’ll be attracting free traffic, running paid shoutout campaigns, and working with influencers, you’re going to need a simple content planner to keep up with things.

With Tailwind, you can schedule a week’s worth of content in 15 minutes – then it works 100% hands off. 

It also comes with content creation and marketing tools like:

  • Hashtag Finder: Find hyper-relevant hashtags instantly and reach the right audience quickly.
  • Content Creator: Tailwind takes one photo and instantly transforms it into dozens of different ideas for Pinterest, Instagram stories, Instagram posts, etc. They’re great for inspiration, but I would definitely customize before posting.
  • Shoppable Feeds: Tag your products in stories and posts so customers can shop directly by clicking on the links. Pretty sweet.

Did I mention they have a free for life plan that lets new dropshippers market on Instagram and Pinterest free up to 20 posts per month? 

2. Buffer – My Favorite Social Media Marketing Tool for Dropshippers

Buffer - My Favorite Social Media Marketing Tool for Dropshippers

Price: Free – $5/mo

Key Features:

  • Connects with all major social platforms
  • Respond to all comments in one dash
  • Limited free plan
  • Easy content planning and scheduling 
  • 14-day free trial

Buffer is an intuitive but powerful platform that increases your reach through powerful analytics, planning, publishing, and engagement.

If you want to go a step beyond creating and planning content, Buffer is the most intuitive and affordable way to do it. It’s the best way to connect with the right audience on a budget.

It offers 3 useful tools for e commerce stores:

  • Analytics: See what’s working so you can trim the fat and double down on posts that actually drive engagement.
  • Publish: Plan, schedule, and publish content on all the important platforms from one dashboard. Buffer connects with Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Linkedin. What else do you need?
  • Engagement: See all of your comments in one dashboard and respond to unanswered ones before it’s too late. Buffer uses AI to determine which comments are important or not. For example, it can identify purchasing questions (hey can I buy that in blue?!) or negative sentiment (I PAID TWO WEEKS AGO I’M LITERALLY SHAKING!!!) so you can respond to what matters faster WITHOUT picking up your phone.

The free plan is pretty limited, but with paid plans starting from $15/mo, it’s a cheap but powerful tool to grow your dropshipping business. One sale per month is more than the cost of the tool. Get it.

3. Heepsy – The Best Dropshipping Tool for Influencer Marketing 

Heepsy - The Best Dropshipping Tool for Influencer Marketing

Price: Free – $269/mo

Key Features:

  • The largest influencer database
  • Key metrics at a glance to see who’s right for your biz
  • Free plan to test the waters

Heepsy is the largest, most diverse, and most-easily-searchable (is that a word?) influencer database on the market. In one search, you’ll instantly connect with hundreds of highly targeted influencers ready to grow your brand for you.

Just enter your niche, choose an audience size, specify a location, and BOOM you’ve got the most qualified Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube influencers right at your fingertips.

Once you’ve found the right influencers, Heepsy lets you analyze metrics like audience engagement, audience growth, and real/fake followers to really dig deep and make the right choice. 

Heepsy lets you analyze metrics like audience engagement, audience growth, and real/fake followers

One major issue dropshippers run into with influencer marketing is pouring time and resources into “fake gurus” who actually bring down the value of their brand. Heepsy makes sure you only connect to legit influencers who can grow your brand on autopilot.

My only gripe is that it’s a bit expensive, and the cheaper plans don’t offer the same search capabilities as the expensive ones. But it’s 100% worth it, especially when your brand is ready to take that next step to dominating your niche. You can’t do it without influencers.

The Best Dropshipping Graphic and Visual Design Tools

Imagine you’re shopping for a watch and have the choice between two high-quality products: One with a beautiful, branded picture and another with a low-quality, plain looking background. 

Which one would you choose?

See why having nice product images matter? Get yourself a good visual design tool and be happy you did. You won’t get anywhere without one.

1. Glorify – The Best Tool for Hero Images

Glorify - The Best Tool for Hero Images

Price: Free | $9.99/mo Pro Plan

Key Features:

  • Create awesome hero images for free
  • Cut and past – it’s that easy
  • Great personal branding options
  • Niche templates

There are two types of dropshipping stores: Stores that use Glorify to create eye-catching hero shots and stores that lose sales to better-looking competitors.

I know it sounds like I’m overselling, but I’m really not. Pretty much everyone I know in the industry uses Glorify because there’s no reason not to.

It’s a simple, powerful, and cheap way to create eye-catching pictures that paint your products in the best light. Just take a photo of your product, remove the background, and drop the product into Glorify’s editor.

Now you can do anything you could possibly need to do. Add text, add more images, drop it into a niche-specific template, add your personal branding and remix it to create a brand new take – you don’t even need design experience. I use it…and that’s saying something.

All you need is a solid image and a niche template and you’re good to go.


NOTE: If you’re a larger dropshipping store, you can add teammates and collaborate on designs directly within Glorify. Pretty sweet.

2. BandsOffAds – The Best Dropshipping Product Video Maker

BandsOffAds - The Best Dropshipping Product Video Maker

Pricing: Customer

Key Features:

  • Done-for-you videos
  • Ad copy included
  • Easy questionnaire process
  • Proven track record with dropshipping’s celebs

BandsOffAds is a cool dropshipping video service that creates high-converting video ads for products. They’re recognized as the industry’s easiest, most affordable way to get a high-quality video fast.

Just choose an ad type, answer a questionnaire, and wait a few days. They’ll deliver a video, thumbnail, and Facebook ad copy ready to go live.

The service was started by successful dropshippers with years of experience creating unique video for their products, so you know you’re getting a video style proven to convert.

In case you’re on the fence about creating a video, adding a video to a landing page has shown to increase conversions up to 80%. 


3. Canva – The Best Design Tool in the Business

Canva - The Best Design Tool in the Business

Price: Free – $150/mo

Key Features:

  • Awesome free designs
  • Images, videos, presentations, slides, prints, and more
  • Templates for every niche imaginable
  • The largest stock photo library
  • Enterprise team collab features

Canva is your dropshipping store’s design superpower and the central nervous system of your content creation.

It’s an all-in-one design tool for images, videos, presentations, print materials, logos, and any other type of visual content you’ll ever need. 

And a lot of it is available 100% free. If you ever need promotional material for social media, Canva can make it.

Canva's features

It’s great for product photos (though I prefer Glorify), but it’s real value for your store is its marketing power. 

You don’t need much design experience to create high-quality flyers, logos, promotional images, ad images, quick videos, or other types of social media content (EX: Instagram stories).

Even if you don’t have branded materials yet, you can still use Canva’s library of animations, images, and templates to create some stunning content for Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and other social sites. 

Conclusion – What are The Best Dropshipping Tools for Me?

If there’s one key takeaway from this article, it’s: you absolutely need the right dropshipping tools for your store or you won’t survive.

It’s impossible to beat competitors with better products, planning, strategy, and content. 

The key question is – “which dropshipping tools are right for me?”.

Here’s my quick dropshipping tool stack for most beginners – intermediate dropshippers:

  • Your eCom Platform – Shopify: It’s the most powerful and beginner-friendly dropshipping tool out there. Pretty much anyone can start a dropshipping store and start shipping/accepting payments immediately. 
  • Product Sourcing – Spocket: The best suppliers, best products, and works with WooCommerce and Shopify. When you’re just starting, you’ll want an edge over competitors. Better products, fast shipping, and fewer returns, will get you ahead of the game.
  • Product Research – Dropship Spy: It’s not cheap, but it’ll make growing your store so much easier. It shortcuts the entire process of searching for products, finding suppliers, and marketing products. As far as dropshipping tools go, it’s a must.
  • Competitor Research – Commerce Inspector FREE: Commerce Inspector’s free plan is enough to give you valuable insights into nearly 1 million Shopify competitors. This dropshipping tool is definitely worth it to see what your competitor’s most lucrative marketing tactics are.
  • Shipping and Fulfillment – EasyShip: Install EasyShip and be happy you did. It takes care of all your shipping paperwork and connects you to the best international shipping options for free. 
  • Email Marketing – MailChimp: Not my favorite dropshipping tool for email, but it’s ideal for getting started. For $0 a month, you can build automated campaigns, high-converting landing pages, and custom emails that will grow your businesses hands off.
  • Social Media – Tailwind: The easiest and most affordable dropshipping tool for finding hashtags, making custom content, planning, and scheduling posts there is. 
  • Product Photos – Glorify: Canva is a more powerful dropshipping tool, but Glorify is the ideal tool for beginners getting their first hero shots or new stores needing high-quality images for social media. 

Happy dropshipping to all and to all a good night.


Q: What are the best dropshipping tools?

A: The best dropshipping tools are Shopify, EasyShip, Oberlo, and MailChimp. Those are the easiest, all-in-one solutions for starting a dropshipping store. You won’t need any other dropshipping tools to sell online. Seriously, those are all the dropshipping tools you’ll need.

Q: Is dropshipping worth it?

A: Yes, dropshipping is 100% worth it even today as long as you approach it like a real online business. There’s never been a better time to start an e commerce business, because the demand for products is so high and there’s never been this many powerful dropshipping tools to help you grow a custom store. The dropshipping model 100% still works in 2023, 2024, and beyond.

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