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The 15 Best Oberlo Alternatives – Post-Mortem for 2023

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bestt oberlo alternatives compared

The 15 Best Oberlo Alternatives – Post-Mortem for 2023

Home / Ecommerce / The 15 Best Oberlo Alternatives – Post-Mortem for 2023
bestt oberlo alternatives compared
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PSA! Oberlo has been officially discontinued – our #1 recommendation for the best alternative is Spocket – check out the full review here.

Things have changed drastically over the past decade, such as running an online business.

With access to remote teams and dropshipping services, you can easily sell just about anything, make big profits, and tap into a huge customer base in record time.

So all you need is a laptop and an internet connection – and of course, the right software.

If you’re thinking about dropshipping, welcome onboard. 23% of online sales are completed through dropshipping stores. 

Oberlo is often the first choice for dropshipping merchants. It’s an amazing dropshipping app that makes starting an online store a breeze.

But, unfortunately, it’s not for everyone.

Oberlo’s sole integration with Shopify makes it impossible to use for those who have online stores elsewhere. If this sounds like your dilemma, you’ve come to the right place.

I'm not even going to go into all the different “dropshipping philosophy” arguments against Oberlo – either way, you're switching and I'm here to help.

Today, we’re taking a look at some of the best Oberlo alternatives to help you get your dropshipping business off to a good start. This guide covers their key features, pricing plans, and the pros and cons.

But before we dive into your options, let’s discuss a few basic points on making the right choice. 

What to Look for When Choosing Dropshipping Tools

There are countless dropshipping solutions available on the market. So it can be quite overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right dropshipping software for your ecommerce business.

After all, your choice of software will greatly influence the profit you make and the number of customers you have. More importantly, it’ll give you a competitive edge over others in the market.

So you need to find a tool with the right features to help your business excel.

What dropshipping aspects should you be looking at?


As a component of your growing business, the tool must integrate smoothly with your ecommerce platform and other software you already use.

Product Research and Import

The success of your dropshipping business is closely linked to products you choose to sell online. The right products can get you great earnings.

A ‘product research’ feature will help you search dropshipping marketplaces and import best-selling products to your website. 

Product Information Management

Ecommerce platforms typically have multiple product pages, so you’ll need to be able to manage product listings in bulk. Therefore, you should be able to auto-copy or edit the supplier's product descriptions easily. 

Supplier Management

Some dropshipping companies deal with multiple suppliers. Creating supplier profiles will organize information about the products they supply and their delivery practices. 

Automated Order Fulfillment 

Orders automatically submitted to dropshipping suppliers and shipped directly to customers help streamline business processes. It circumvents the need to enter information manually and minimizes the chances of error.

Inventory Automation

Data about existing products, such as availability, stock, SKU, supplier source, etc., must be up to date. Synchronizing supplier inventory information with your website is crucial.

Automated Pricing

Having the freedom to set the prices of the products you sell is a key element of a successful dropshipping store. Supporting pricing automation features helps create pricing markup rules by setting maximum and minimum price limits. Moreover, updating prices synchronously across different marketplaces is essential.

Shipment Tracking

A fully transparent shipping process lets you and your customers know where packages are and when they'll arrive. This simple step increases customers' confidence in your store.

Analytics Reporting

What would digital marketing and ecommerce platforms be without analytics?

A dropshipping app that enables monitoring and analyzing performance and sales helps evaluate strategies and maximize profits. However, data must be presented neatly to make it easy to understand.

The Lowdown on Oberlo


Okay, I’ll be honest. 

This article is about Oberlo alternatives. 

But we want to give you the opportunity to look at Oberlo features as well so you can decide whether the app is – or isn’t – the right option for you. 

Oberlo is one of the most popular dropshipping platforms on the market. It allows users to instantly import products from AliExpress into their Shopify store with just a few clicks. Import details such as product descriptions, images, prices, and shipping information within seconds.

Key Features

  • Advanced product performance statistics and pricing information help discover high-potential products 
  • Features like price notifications, auto-updating inventory, variant mapping, order tracking, order syncs, sales reports, etc. make dropshipping easier and more profitable
  • Customize listings by editing product descriptions and titles and adding unique product photos to personalize your store
  • Access to various free tools to grow your business 
  • Available in 6 languages

Price Points

There are two subscription plans:

Starter Plan 

  • Free 
  • Import 500 or less products into your store

Basic Plan 

  • $29.90/month
  • Add up to 10,000 products


  • Friendly user interface
  • Quick product importing from AliExpress
  • Many automated features 
  • Facilitates scalability
  • Creates pricing parameters and set up a pricing rule for bulk products
  • Offers reporting and analytics


  • Only supports Shopify
  • Import only AliExpress products
  • Doesn’t support standalone websites
  • Poor chat support

1. Spocket – The Best Oberlo Alternative


The best Oberlo alternative is Spocket. It breathes fresh air into the dropshipping world with high-quality products and shipping speed. But what really makes Spocket unique is its mutual return and shipping guidelines for both dropshipping suppliers and merchants.

That’s why 30,000 entrepreneurs across five continents used Spoket to launch and scale their online stores. 

Spocket Key Benefits and Features 

  • Suppliers are inspected carefully before being allowed into the Spoket marketplace.
  • Offers branded invoicing for your online store.
  • 60% of Spocket suppliers are EU and US based companies. That means you bypass Asian suppliers and offer quick delivery times, encouraging customers to purchase more often.
  • Automated fulfillment of orders

Spocket Price Points

Spocket doesn't have a free plan. However, it offers a 14-day free trial.

There are three subscription plans:


  • $24/month 
  • Unlimited orders up to 25 unique products


  • $49/month
  • Unlimited orders up to 250 unique and 25 premium products


  • $99/month
  • Unlimited orders up to 10,000 unique and 10,000 premium products


  • Availability of discounted and/or premium, high-quality products
  • Easily import products from Spocket marketplace
  • Can receive samples from suppliers 
  • Customize product details
  • Helps track inventory in real-time
  • Automate order fulfillment
  • Fast deliveries
  • Clear return and shipping policies for both supplier and merchant
  • Higher profit margins


  • Integrates with multiple ecommerce platforms Shopify, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and your websites, but not with Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Groupon, or Wish
  • Merchants can’t contact Spocket suppliers
  • Prices don’t include custom duties or taxes

Grow your online business with Spocket.

2. Printful


Are you looking for a dropshipping app to create custom products for your online store?

Printful is the solution.

It’s an on-demand printing and dropshipping Oberlo alternative that helps turn creative ideas into brands. Choose from the 291 products in the catalog and customize them to create unique products for your customers – or yourself.

Printful takes care of inventory, production, and shipping while ecommerce business owners focus on running their stores.

Key Features

  • Print, sell and ship custom products across the globe without a hassle.
  • Printful’s large network of global in-house and partner facilities offer speed, competitive shipping costs, and consistent quality of service.
  • Create premium-quality, personalized products using Getty Images or create unique designs with Printful’s intuitive design tool.
  • Warehousing and fulfillment services are located across the globe, so entrepreneurs can store and dropship products to customers worldwide.

Pricing Points

There are no subscription or membership fees. Simply pay for your orders.

Pricing is very transparent about everything, from processing to printing to delivery.


  • No upfront fees 
  • Free design templates
  • 291 premium products to choose from
  • No minimum orders
  • Worldwide shipping
  • Bulk discounts
  • Integrates with multiple platforms and marketplaces
  • Automates business operations
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Branding options
  • No worries about items that won’t sell – everything you order is being printed on demand.


  • Can’t use it on WordPress because it’s designed for Shopify
  • Product range is limited
  • Low profit margins
  • Limited branding options
  • Some products cannot be shipped everywhere, such as frames and posters

Design and sell premium products with Printful.

3. Spreadr


Spreadr is a dropshipping platform that allows ecommerce businesses to import any Amazon product into their store. (Yes, I know, there are over a million products on Amazon!)

Simply find products from Amazon and import them to your Shopify, WooCommerce, or BigCommerce store. Grow your brand with hundreds of new items within minutes, widen your target audience, and make more money. 

But that’s not all. Spreadr also allows you to earn through affiliate commissions.

Key Features

  • One-click upload to import products from Amazon
  • Easy to customize product name and details
  • Like many dropshipping solutions, it auto-updates product information to ensure inventory and prices
  • Offers bulk-import options 
  • Supports affiliate marketing

Price Points 

Spreadr offers a 7-day free trial. Subscription costs include:

Basic: $5/month

Pro: $10/month

Gold: $20/month

Super: $30/month

Jumbo: $60/month


  • Easy to use and import products from Amazon
  • Helps create a consistent brand image by displaying Amazon products in the same look as your store
  • Good interface usability
  • Good customer service 
  • Pulls customer reviews from Amazon to your site
  • Greater opportunities to earn money


  • Doesn’t have the most optimized dropshipping setup
  • Doesn’t allow merchants who own a website to sell only Amazon products
  • Strict Amazon Associate terms

Partner up with Amazon using Spreadr.

4. is the WordPress plugin to help you connect with AliExpress dropshipping. Once installed on your website, you can easily access the huge catalog of AliExpress products and import them to your online store.

Key Features

  • Search and import any product from the 50,000+ items on AliExpress
  • Helps you find the best inventory of AliExpress products for your dropshipping store
  • experts ensure products are sold by trustworthy suppliers 
  • All items have professionally pre-edited product information
  • Recommended pricing markup
  • Import product ratings and reviews

Price Points

The plugin is completely free. It offers four plans, all with the same features. The only different thing is the number of products that can be imported.

Free plan: 50 products import

$29 (one-time payment): 100 product imports + 10 bonus products

$119 (one-time payment): 500 product imports + 200 bonus 

$199 (one-time payment): 1000 product imports + 500 bonus 


  • Ready-made, customized product listings 
  • Professionally edited product details
  • Experts provide a selection of the best selling products for your store 
  • Product ratings and reviews can be imported 
  • Provides recommended price


  • To start a dropshipping with, you’ll need a WooCommerce or AliDropship plugin installed
  • Does not offer dropshipping business automation tools
  • Other businesses will have the same products  
  • Requires AliDropship to automate the dropshipping process 

Find winning products for your dropshipping store with

5. WooDropship


Woodropship is the stepping stone to launch, manage, and scale your WooCommerce dropshipping store. 

Simply import AliExpress products with a single click, customize product descriptions, and sell. 

Key Features

  • Supports product research and import
  • Auto-updates inventory and prices
  • Fulfill orders automatically
  • Offers pricing and shipping automation
  • Sales reporting keeps track of profit margins 

Price Points

WooDropship offers a 7-day trial to help you choose from its three subscription packages.


  • Import 3000 products 
  • 100 orders/month


  • Import 15,000 products
  • 500 orders/month


  • Import 60,000 product
  • Unlimited orders/month


  • Easily find and import products from AliExpress (over 120 million products)
  • Create customized invoices
  • Automated management of tasks such as order fulfillment, inventory, and price updates
  • Removes image watermarks and allows images to be edited
  • Free updates and customer support (1-on-1 consultation call)
  • Google Chrome extension available 


  • Order fulfillment is limited to subscribed users
  • User interface can be improved

WooDropship – the solution to your WooCommerce dropshipping needs.

6. SaleHoo


Salehoo is a great platform for new ecommerce business owners. It’s a directory of trusted suppliers, including dropship merchants, wholesalers, and manufacturers. SaleHoo supplier profiles have up-to-date information about estimated shipping time-frames, minimum order amounts, etc.

SaleHoo is also a product sourcing tool to help you find the hottest products, hand-picked by ecommerce experts, so you get the most profit.

Key Features

  • Detailed information about validated 8,000+ wholesalers (product lines, contact information, user reviews, delivery terms, shipping method) and 1,000 reliable dropship suppliers
  • 1.6 million products are monitored to help you find the best ones
  • Contact suppliers directly

Pricing Points

Annual subscription: $67/year 

Lifetime access: $127


  • A simple and affordable Oberlo alternative
  • Allows small minimum orders 
  • Reliable suppliers
  • Opportunity to increase revenue and profits
  • Access market research information about any product (sell rate, competition, listing frequency, price, and demand
  • All suppliers are reviewed and evaluated 
  • Access to customer service and training


  • No branding options
  • Selling on third-party platforms such as eBay and Amazon can dip into your profits

Start your dropshipping merchant adventure with Salehoo.

7. Dropified


Dropified is one of the best dropshipping automation tools to help you research products, fulfill orders, import products, and more.

Key Features

  • Automated product imports
  • 1-click auto fulfill orders 
  • Manage bulk products and edit their listings 
  • Automated inventory management 
  • Image editor
  • 60-day ecommerce training and customer support
  • Offers profit statistics

Price Points

Dropified has three plans:

Research plan

  • Free 

Build plan

  • $26/month + 3% wholesale transaction fees

Grow plan:

  • $67/month 

Both paid plans offer a 14-day free trial


  • Clean interface that’s easy to navigate
  • Integrates with multiple platforms
  • Advanced product research tools
  • Quick product-add options
  • Import product reviews
  • Automated order placement and fulfillment
  • Helps manage multiple stores to expand your business 


  • Expensive for startups with minimal capital
  • No phone support

Access powerful, time-saving ecommerce functions with Dropified.

8. Modalyst


Modalyst is a suite of retail solutions for ecommerce store owners, not just a single app. You can now import millions of products from independent and name-brand suppliers in the UK and US.

Key Features

  • Import and edit all products info
  • Real-time inventory 
  • Variant mapping
  • Bulk product management
  • Set margins with automated markups
  • Profit calculator

Price Points

Modalyst has three plans:


  • Free
  • 25 product limit from non-premium suppliers


  • $35/month
  • 250 product limit from non-premium suppliers


  • $90/month
  • Unlimited access to products and suppliers

Note: 5% transaction fee on both paid plans.


  • Import products with 1-click
  • Hand-picked suppliers from the US and Europe
  • Suppliers verified by the Modalyst team
  • Can communicate with suppliers directly
  • Fast shipping worldwide
  • Integrates with popular ecommerce platforms, e.g., Shopify, Wix, BigCommerce
  • Offers private labeling services


  • Prices are higher than usual Asian suppliers
  • Expensive subscription plans

Partner with great suppliers with Modalyst.

9. AliDropship


AliDropship is a one-click plugin that can turn your WordPress site into an online store, complete with dropshipping options. It instantly imports AliExpress products and their details to your website. 

Key Features 

  • Popular ecommerce plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce
  • Search and import products quickly from AliExpress
  • Buy single or small batches of products at amazingly low prices
  • Built-in image editor
  • Array of add-ons to boost traffic and sales

Price Points

WordPress plugin is available for a one-time payment of $89.


  • Offers many automation features, including searching, importing, pricing, order fulfilling, and order tracking
  • Over 100 million products to choose from
  • Convenient product editing
  • Facilitates marketing efforts, such as sharing discount coupons, product review collection, and abandoned cart feature
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Slow shipping times
  • Some add-ons cost extra
  • Free customer support only when you pay for WordPress plugin or get a custom AliDropship-built website 

AliDropship – the AliExpress solution for your store.

10. DSers


DSers is developed by AliExpress solely for dropshipping. So that makes DSers the official AliExpress dropshipping partner. 

Key Features

  • Connect with different suppliers for the same product
  • Fulfill bulk orders easily and quickly
  • Automatic order tracking syncs information with your online store, AliExpress, and PayPal account

Price Points

DSers has four plans:

Basic: Free

Standard: $1.99/month

Advanced: $19.90/month

Pro: $49.90/month

DSers offers a 14-day free trial on paid subscriptions.


  • The basic plan is completely free  
  • No limits on product imports to Shopify
  • Orders are processed quickly 


  • UI isn’t impressive
  • Supports WooCommerce and Shopify stores only
  • Developed only for AliExpress 
  • Payment processing options limited to PayPal

Place your AliExpress dropshipping orders in seconds with DSers.

11. UniteXpress


UniteXpress is another great Oberlo alternative to help you find products from AliExpress. Manage your online store with just a few clicks. Automated features and a great app design make this dropshipping tool very easy to use.

Key Features

  • Import products from AliExpress and sell directly to customers
  • Pricing and product customization
  • Edit product details and images before publishing
  • provides pricing automation
  • Fulfill orders automatically
  • Shipment tracking

Price Points

UniteXpress offers two plans:

Free version 

  • Doesn’t offer rewards, reviews, and multiple checkouts.

Paid version 

  • $9.95/month
  • Offers all features


  • Provides migration support when you transfer from another app
  • Auto-updates inventory and price
  • Connects with existing products
  • Filter products with ePacket
  • 24/7 online support
  • Integrates with Oberlo and AliExpress
  • Offers 9% affiliate commission


  • Low-profit margins
  • The website doesn’t have too much information

Scale your business with UniteXpress.

12. Sell the Trend

Sell the Trend

Sell The Trend simplifies dropshipping operations and helps you find winning products in seconds using predictive dropshipping AI technology.

Key Features

  • Helps find profitable dropship products 
  • Gathers data by checking trending items on Amazon and sales data from high-performing stores on Shopify and AliExpress 
  • 1-Click automated processes, including product import and order fulfillment
  • Integrates with Amazon, Aliexpress, Wix, WooCommerce, PayPal, etc
  • 24×7 customer support

Price Points

Offers a 7-day free trial for both subscription plans:

Monthly for $39.97/month 

Yearly for $32.97/month


  • Great product research tool
  • One-click automated features 
  • Explore dropship products, stores, and trends 
  • Store intelligence spy feature 
  • Video ads creator
  • Facebook audience builder
  • Influencer engagement calculator


  • Tutorials and dropshipping courses are paid 

Find the most profitable items to sell with Sell The Trend.

13. Syncee


Syncee is an innovative B2B platform for dropshippers, retailers, and suppliers. Now you can easily find and import any product from reliable suppliers from across the globe. Furthermore, you can also pick items one by one or in bulk and create catalogs.

Key Features

  • Inventory management system
  • Contact reliable other suppliers from around the world  
  • Search millions of products
  • Easily and quickly import products in categories
  • Customize pricing settings
  • Automated order processing solution
  • Bulk product management
  • Integrates with Shopify, Jumpseller, Shoprenter, Ecwid, BigCommerce, Squarespace, Wix, and WooCommerce

Price Points

Syncee offers four plans:

Starter Plan

  • Free
  • 25 products


  • $29/month
  • 500 products


  • $79/month
  • 10,000 products


  • $129/month
  • 30,000 products


  • Fast delivery times
  • High-quality products
  • Reliable suppliers
  • Daily auto-update
  • No transaction fee
  • Currency conversion feature
  • Multilingual platform


  • Not all orders are managed automatically. You have to manually place orders in the supplier’s store if the supplier doesn’t offer an ‘auto order’ feature.
  • The support team is available only by email and live chat.

Manage your inventory effectively with Syncee.

14. Eprolo


Eprolo used to sell all kinds of consumer electronics worldwide from China. But now, it’s a dropshipping platform that can help you run your entire online business. Eprolo offers assistance with product sourcing, warehousing, quality control, packing, shipping, and more.

Key Features

  • Over one million high-quality products
  • Automated order fulfillment and order tracking
  • Inventory management
  • Bulk order management
  • Chrome extension available

Price Points



  • Dropshippers can create private labels for their products
  • Integrates with several platforms such as WooCommerce, Amazon, Shopify, AliExpress, eBay, etc.
  • Offers print-on-demand services
  • Currency converter to easily convert prices 
  • Provides a variety of products at wholesale prices with no minimum order required
  • Forever free plan
  • Easy to navigate interface


  • Pricing information is unclear

Let Eprolo assist you with your dropshipping needs.

15. Importify


Importify is the last one on my list of Oberlo alternatives. It’s another one of the fully automated dropshipping tools that support the single-click concept. Moreover, this Shopify dropshipping integration tool allows you to import products from different websites. 

Key Features

  • Research before importing products
  • 1-click imports
  • Customize product descriptions
  • Easy supplier change
  • Automated product import, pricing rules, order fulfillment
  • Integrates with Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce, and Jumpseller

Price Points

Offers a 1-day free trial for all three of the following plans:

Basic plan: $14.95/month

Premium plan: $27.95/month

Gold plan: $37.95/month


  • One of the easiest Oberlo alternatives to use
  • Easy to import products from several platforms
  • Shopify spying feature helps identify hot selling items
  • Access to high-quality wholesalers and suppliers
  • Fast support


  • No free plan to test the app
  • Only 1-day trial is available

Build your business with Importify.

How to Choose the Oberlo Alternative that’s Right for Your Business

Finding the best dropshipping app for your dropshipping business is crucial to your success. So how can you find the right one?

Well, it all depends upon what your dropshipping needs are.

For instance, if you have your own Shopify store, then choose Oberlo.

But if you’re looking for Oberlo alternatives or you don’t want to use Shopify anymore, you need to do some research. Often, a particular tool is a better choice than others. 

So if you … 

  • Are looking for prime quality products and fast shipping, Spocket is for you.
  • Want to sell personalized custom-printed apparel, accessory, or home goods and need print-on-demand dropshipping, then Printful is a good choice.
  • Want to import Amazon products, choose Spreadr.
  • Are looking for a good WordPress dropshipping plugin to start your dropshipping with AliExpress, then consider
  • Own a WooCommerce store, WooDropship is the ideal app for you.
  • Want to find high-demand, high-profit products from trusted suppliers, use SaleHoo.
  • Have a retail shop and want to start ecommerce but don’t have any dropshipping suppliers, then Dropified is for you.
  • To incorporate dropshipping services to your ecommerce store and access products from leading brands, Modalyst is the one.
  • Want an easy way to import and sell items from AliExpress, use AliDropship.
  • Need an all-in-one service to dropship products in bulk from AliExpress, DSers is the ideal option.
  • Automate business processes, consider UniteXpress.
  • Need help finding winning products, Sell The Trend has the solution.
  • Improve your inventory management, use Syncee.
  • Problems with shipment distribution using other dropshipping apps, try Eprolo.
  • Want to start your dropshipping journey with as little hassle as possible, then choose Importify.

If you've got no clue what you're doing… Check out our Dropship Lifestyle Review and learn the easy way.

So, have you found your alternative to Oberlo yet?

With your dropshipping app selected, it’s time to sell products online.

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