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Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch (BIG CHANGES!)

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jungle scout vs viral launch comparison

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch (BIG CHANGES!)

Home / Ecommerce / Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch (BIG CHANGES!)
jungle scout vs viral launch comparison
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Hey you. Yeah, you. Did you just google Jungle Scout vs. Viral Launch?

I don’t know why nobody has accurate pricing, but all of the reviews I checked had this totally WRONG. I’ve got real 2023 pricing here.

OK… back to my article.

I’ve been using both for the last five years for totally different purposes.

I just spent a week putting together this killer comparison guide for Viral Launch vs Jungle Scout based on all my experience with both products.

Don’t listen to biased reviews trying to push you to their affiliate. I’m affiliated with both, so I don’t care who you choose!

These two tools are for totally different stages of your Amazon FBA business. Today, I’ll thoroughly review both in-depth so you can figure out which one works best for you.

Included in This Review:

  • Key features (compared in detail)
  • Pros and cons
  • Accurate pricing
  • Who Viral Launch is for and who Jungle Scout is for
  • Key differences
  • Reputation
  • One crucial advantage certain Amazon sellers gain with Viral Launch over Jungle Scout
  • My final verdict

Jungle Scout vs. Viral Launch: In a Rush? Here’s How to Choose

I’m a serial entrepreneur.

Like, the kind of guy that plans a product launch. And while he’s planning it he gets a new idea and immediately takes a 3-hour break to scour marketplace data to validate it.

That means I need both of these tools since I am multiple entrepreneurs at once.

Here’s the bottom line

Jungle Scout is for…

  • Budget Amazon sellers: If you’re on a budget and need a high-level basic plan to boost your monthly sales figures, Jungle Scout’s Basic Plan is superior to Viral Launch’s.
  • Beginners and small-time Amazon sellers: Viral Launch is overkill for the early stages of your Amazon business (mostly).
  • You want simple product research: Jungle Scout offers an unrivaled UX for users of their product research tool. Smooth, clean, powerful, simple—you’ll love the market insight at a glance. Viral Launch features are is better for mining data, but are also more complicated to use.

Viral Launch is for…

  • Advanced Amazon sellers: Viral Launch’s suite of Amazon domination weapons is way more comprehensive than those that Jungle Scout offers. Source, launch, optimize, dominate—that’s what Viral Launch gives you.
  • Product launches: Surprise! Viral Launch is the most effective way to launch winning products with confidence. I use it for all my new launches.

The Key Differences Between Jungle Scout and Viral Launch

Before I break down the features, let me cover the key differences between Jungle Scout and Viral Launch and why they fit each of the key demographics above.

Knowing why I think these tools fit different Amazon sellers will help you make a more informed decision.

NOTE: I’ll break this stuff down in more detail in the features section.

1. Viral Launch has more granular product mining data

Viral Launch has more granular product mining data

Both of these tools have product-mining software to help an Amazon business find winning products (and avoid losers).

Viral Launch’s data is just more granular. It’s close, but Viral Launch definitely has an advantage. That alone makes it a better choice in my opinion.

Sourcing smarter is the number 1 way to win the Amazon war. And sourcing dumber is the number 1 way to F*** it up (can I say that?).

Jungle Scout offers a ton of great data (I’ll cover all that in number 2), but when I want to deep-dive into a niche, I always use Viral Launch.

Best Seller Rank, Unit Margin, Average Rating, Buy Box data, Market Trends, Product Idea Score, accurate sales estimates, Sales-to-Review Ratio (my fave)—Viral Launch’s Market Intelligence game is tight.

Weirdly enough, that might not always be an advantage.

I’ll explain…

2. Jungle Scout’s Chrome Extension is more user-friendly

Jungle Scout’s Chrome Extension

I love Jungle Scout’s Chrome Extension.

As I’m browsing Amazon's product pages or search results for fun (I have friends. I swear), it gives me a bunch of really insightful data at a glance, including Opportunity Score (basically, how good of an opportunity the particular product happens to be) and Listing Quality Score.

Ask anyone that runs an Amazon business, and they’ll tell you that’s their favorite feature.

Viral Launch might be a bit overwhelming for new users. I just kinda get it now after having used it for so long.

For beginners, the Chrome extension is enough to validate product ideas without needing a Ph.D. in Amazonomics.

3. Jungle Scout is cheaper

Jungle Scout Basic Pricing

At first glance, Viral Launch looks cheaper. Their lowest plan starts at $25/month.

But that’s only for their Chrome extension, and that’s basically a tiny step up from searching the damn stuff yourself manually. Check it out:

Viral Launch

Definitely NOT WORTH IT.

Here’s why.

Until recently, Jungle Scout’s Web App and Chrome Extension were two separate deals.

Those were dark times.

Now, Jungle Scout has finally seen the light and INCLUDES THE CHROME EXTENSION in their Basic Plan!

Jungle Scout's Extension in Basic Plan

Viral Launch’s Beginner Plan is roughly equal in value to Jungle Scout’s Basic Plan, but Jungle Scout’s is a bit cheaper, so Jungle Scout wins here. I’ll cover all this in the pricing section, by the way (just setting the table here).

4. Viral Launch is way more comprehensive

Jungle Scout is a product research tool first and foremost.

They do offer a bunch more (and a lot of it is pretty solid) but its heart and soul is product validation.

Jungle Scout offer more product validation

Viral Launch is like a full FBA launch service. Everything from product validation and launch to listings optimization and PPC automation.

I always tell people that Viral Launch is the tool you use to launch to the moon and scale to mars. Jungle Scout is more like digging in the Earth for precious metals near the surface.


What is Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is Amazon’s most popular and beginner-friendly product research tool.

Basically, it gives you all the info you need to find winning products at a glance.

It's one of the best tools on the market and for good reason (check out our full Jungle Scout review, too!)

Instead of manually digging through Amazon’s catalog of tens of millions of products, Jungle Scout mines the catalog for you and shows you things like competition, pricing, estimated sales volume, profitable keywords, relevant opportunity score, and a bunch of other cool stuff. I’ll explain later.

Imagine you’re browsing Amazon and see a cool product idea. With the Chrome Extension, you just choose a listing, and you’ll see this:

Jungle Scout Web App

Lots of cool data in this image. If you know how to weaponize, you’ll be an FBA machine.

Then with Jungle Scout’s Web App, you could use this data to get even more powerful insights like keywords, suppliers, and inventory assistance.

Did You Know?: Jungle Scout was founded by Greg Mercer in 2014. Before that, you had to research manually.

What is Viral Launch?

Viral Launch is the best suite of tools for sourcing, launching, and dominating on Amazon

Viral Launch is the best suite of tools for product discovery, sourcing, launching, and dominating on Amazon.

Imagine an end-to-end suite of all the tools necessary for finding winning products, launching them, optimizing your listings, running ads, and spying on competitors.

Oh, and once your listings are live you can split test them to see which version is more profitable. Thanks, more money for nothing.

The service includes:

  • Listings building
  • The Product Discovery tool (Product Idea Score is fine but not as good as Opportunity Score)
  • PPC sponsored ad management
  • Product launching
  • Split tests
  • Market intelligence tool
  • Competitor intelligence tool


If I had to sum it up, I’d say this:

Viral Launch does everything Jungle Scout does plus a lot more.

We’re talking about product research software with peripheral services vs an end-to-end suite of tools including product research, market intelligence, launch services, and marketing plus split testing.

It’s not really a fair fight.

Jungle Scout vs. Viral Launches: Key Features Head-to-Head

Let’s see how the Jungle Scout and Viral Launch features stack up head-to-head. I think when you see the differences, you’ll be able to decide if Viral Launch is worth the extra money.

For simplicity's sake, let’s focus mostly on product discovery and validation.


Do you know what’s worse than investing years of time and tens of thousands of dollars into a product that was doomed from the start?


Product research and validation is far and away the most important part of Amazon FBA success.

Ask me how I know…

My biggest regret is not doing proper product discovery when launching my first Amazon business.

Trust me on this, if you aren’t going to take the time to do product research right, just quit now. You stand 0% chance.

OK, enough doom and gloom. Let’s see how they stack up.

Jungle Scout

Let me just walk you quickly through each of the product research and validation features to give you a brief overview.

1. Product Database

Jungle Scout's Product Database

The Jungle Scout product database helps you locate those golden needles in the haystack as quickly as possible.

It’s a product discovery tool with a searchable database of 475 million products pulled directly from Bezos’ Amazon catalog, complete with powerful evaluation tools.

Say you want to find a new product.

You could quickly generate profitable ideas with preset product discovery filters like this:

Jungle Scout's Product Database Fliters

Then you’ll get a list of products that match that description.

Then, if you want to dig further down to the real winner like high-potential/low-competition, you just click a button or two:

Jungle Scout's Product Database Fliters I’ve found that a lot of entrepreneurs actually overlook the web app and just use the Chrome extension. I have no clue why. Do not be one of those people.

Product research tools like this one helps you turn the product discovery process into the foundation of your Amazon FBA success. Lean into this. Learn how to leverage these features to your advantage.

Learning how to get the most out of Jungle Scout's product database is one of the biggest favors an Amazon seller can do for themselves.

Go ahead. Future-you deserves it!

2. Niche Hunter

Niche Hunter

I’m addicted to product research tools, so it makes sense that Niche Hunter is my favorite Jungle Scout offering.

Niche Hunter answers the #1 Amazon question that everyone asks: “Is this a good product to sell?”

Its algorithm is based on the brain of Jungle Scout’s founding team. They created it based on all the factors that determine winners from losers (competition, price, quality of listings, etc.), and made it as easy as possible to use.

Seriously, when compared to other product research tools on the market today, Niche Hunter's usability is amongst the very best.

You just enter your parameters (e.g. product category or price point) and it spits back relevant niche ideas for you to explore. Greg says this tool makes research 50x easier. I agree, but maybe more like 46.5x easier.

Niche Hunter uses these parameters to help you evaluate an idea’s:

  • Product Category
  • Competition
  • Listing Quality Score (LQS)
  • Average Price
  • Opportunity Score

3. Product Tracker

Jungle Scout Product Tracker

Product Tracker is one of my favorite Jungle Scout tools. It offers is a quick snapshot of the sales history of the item, like this cool yoga mat here.

Just feed it into this bad boy, and you’ll instantly see best seller rank, sales history, units sold, inventory, and other helpful metrics.

Don’t know if a product is selling? Just ask Product Tracker.

4. Keyword Scout

Keyword Scout

Keyword Scout is a keyword research tool that you use to explore keyword, analyze the difficulty of ranking for profitable key terms in your niche, and, ultimately, boost your organic sales.

This awesome tool's main keyword research features are:

  • Discovering high-demand key terms
  • Understanding the relevancy of keywords
  • PPC campaign budgeting
  • A roadmap for ranking for tough key terms in your niche

I’ll sum it up this way:

This keyword research tool is how you find what shoppers are really searching for and what your competitors are ranking for. That way, you can outrank the competition, get shown for the terms shoppers really want to buy from, and increase sales.

Viral Launch

Viral Launch

You already know how these tools work, so I’m just going to explain the differences between the two services here.

1. Product Discovery

Product Discovery

Viral Launch's product discovery tool is pretty similar to the one that Jungle Scout offers.

Search for the needle in a haystack based on advanced product search filters like category, sales, monthly revenue, keyword,  sales patterns, etc.

Like I said previously, Product Finder sorts by more granular data, and the results are better in my opinion. The only caveat is that you’ve got to be better at doing research to get it right.

Viral Launch offers some pretty mind-bending advanced product search filters:

advanced filters

You can start with a head key term, then narrow it down based on historical sales data to review  ratio, average net profit, sales year over year, and price change, among others. That will give you a huge edge over competitors who are playing the guessing game.

While this ridiculously vast selection of filters represent a steeper learning curve than most product research tools, the rewards are there for the diligent Amazon seller.

Also, I really like the dash:

Product Discovery

2. Keyword Research

Keyword Research

This tool gives you a lot more options than the competition.

In my opinion, it’s the best keyword research tool in the galaxy.

Here are just a few of the advanced features Viral Launch's Keyword Research tool comes with:

  • Automated keyword discovery
  • Relevant words
  • Suggested PPC cost of bids
  • Historical keyword search volume
  • Keyword monthly search volume
  • Competitor’s advertising keywords
  • Misspellings
  • High opportunity keywords
  • Top competitor keywords

Considering overall accuracy and the depth of competitor analysis from advertising keywords and reverse ASIN lookup, almost no other keyword research tool comes close.

3. Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence

This is where you can deep dive into a product’s history, monthly sales, the market’s top sellers, unit margins, current market trends, review count, and a TON more.

I don’t want to go into tons of detail since you can see it all in the Viral Launch Chrome Extension here.

Chrome Extention

4. Competitor Intelligence

With Competitor Intelligence, Viral Scout offers a reverse-ASIN lookup feature's main objective is to enable some next-level competitor-keyword spying.

The competitor intelligence tool allows you to look at a specific product's top seller and find out EXACTLY how they're using keywords to sell it.

The data this tool spits out is ideal for copying keywords to your listing and (more importantly) spotting potential gaps in your competitors' keyword game so that you can attempt to outrank them.

Viral launch's Competitor Intelligence tool offers one of the simplest paths to driving up organic sales for your listings. It even allows you to create alerts for when a competitor sees a noticeable change in specific keyword rankings.

Guaranteed, your competition is Competitor Intelligence (or a tool like it) to monitor your keyword usage. Can you afford not to do the same? (You can't).


Jungle Scout is definitely easier to use, but it can’t compare to the depth, accuracy, and customizability of Viral Launch for Amazon SEO.

Between product discovery, in-depth keyword research, a built-for-purpose market intelligence tool, and competitor analysis, Viral Launch wins this one by a solid margin.

Other Features You Should Know About

Those were the key features that should factor heaviest into your decision, but there are a few more you need to be aware of before ponying up any money.

Jungle Scout

1. Chrome Extension

Jungle Scout’s Chrome Extension

Access a product’s potential in seconds.

The Opportunity Score is the main advantage here. A nice digestible number that sums up “good idea or bad idea?” 

This little guy gives you key data on any product at a glance and even lets you request reviews.

Key features include:

  • Instantly view product data on listing pages or search results
  • Profit projections
  • Demand
  • Competitor data
  • Historical data
  • Opportunity score
  • Review requests

2. Supplier Database

Supplier Database

Wouldn’t it be nice to know the supplier you’re dealing with is trustworthy and won’t screw you over?

Jungle Scout’s list of suppliers is very comprehensive and tracks things like their product type, number of customers, and number of shipments.

You can even generate and compare quotes and make purchase orders. Pretty dope.

2. Listing Builder

Listings Builder

The most beautiful listing in the world won’t make you any money if people can’t find it.

Listing Builder offers a built-in keyword strategy guides you to creating the perfect listing.

Not only does listing builder break everything down into digestible chunks, but it also shows you which keywords to include. It even connects directly to Seller Central.

4. Inventory Manager

Inventory Manager

A nice tool to avoid stock-outs and fees.

Inventory Manager uses a data-driven approach to helping you order the right quantities at the right times, so Bezos doesn’t get more money from you than he’s already getting.

It even lets you predict sales and profits.

5. Sales Analytics

Sales Analytics

All your sales data in one place, so you can analyze your strengths and weaknesses.

This is how I build cost-savings strategies and focus on what I do best.

It’s not super comprehensive, but it definitely paints a full financial picture.

Viral Launch 

1. Kinetic PPC

Kinetic PPC

Kinetic PPC is a powerful pay-per-click ad automation tool with in-depth filters, smart automations, advanced campaign analytics, and change monitoring.

It’s basically the only tool you’ll need to run a profitable ad campaign.

There are even predetermined models in case you aren’t sure how to run a PPC campaign. I’m not going to say you’re guaranteed to succeed, but as long as you don’t choose dud keywords, it’s really hard to lose money if you use this tool.

This alone might give Viral Launch the edge over Jungle Scout.

2. Listing Analyzer

Listing Analyzer

Alexa, tell me if I’m doing this Amazon thing right.

Viral Launch’s Listing Analyzer is the best listings optimization tool on the web.

With this tool, Viral Launch offers you the ability to find important keywords and track keyword rank, perform a SWOT analysis, and see a detailed evaluation of your listing.

Then, it tells you how to improve it.

Pretty sweet to know exactly how your listings should look to beat competitors.

3. Launches

Viral Launch Launches

This is where Jungle Scout just can’t compare.

It might surprise you, but Viral Launch offers you a tool that actually does product launches, too!

Whenever you’re launching a new product, you’ve got to do a major brand giveaway to increase awareness. The more traffic you bring to your listings, the better.

Instead of setting it up on your own and finding an audience, Viral Launch does it all for you. It facilitates your coupon strategy and puts you directly in front of their 350,000-customer strong audience of everyday buyers.

It’s basically instant product awareness. Can’t beat that.

4. Split Testing

Viral Launch Split Testing

Behold, your sensei. A wise teacher who trains your listings in the art of the ancient Amazon art of split testing.

Actually, this software just runs multiple versions of your listings at once to segmented audiences and chooses the most profitable version.

You have two choices in FBA: Guess, or let your customers tell you what’s best.

Numbers don’t lie.

Say you aren’t sure of the optimal price point or what type of language to put in your first bullet. Listing Dojo will make two separate versions (a control and a variant) and run traffic to each. From there, you see which one performs better and choose that version.

Again, Jungle Scout can’t compete with this.

Verdict: Jungle Scout has some nice features, but it's just not on Viral Launch’s level. Especially with Launches and Listings Dojo included.

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch: Pricing Plans

I want to give a few quick thoughts on pricing plans since people always ask if these two tools are worth it or not.

So… are Jungle Scout and Viral Launch worth it?

Short answer: YES.

Long answer: Yes… maybe… kind of. Especially considering the money back guarantee or free trial. Yes, you can try them both, and if you don’t like them, you don’t have to keep paying.

Viral Launch is insanely powerful. If you’re doing big numbers and want to scale even further, $85 – $199/mo. is a steal for all the features you get.

But Jungle Scout is good too.

Their most expensive plan ($84/mo) is also “worth it” in a vacuum. I just think that if you need the serious FBA-scaling features in Jungle Scout, then you might as well pay a few bucks extra and get a better tool with Viral Launch.

Here’s what’s included in each pricing plan.

Jungle Scout Pricing Plans

I always thought it was idiotic for Jungle Scout to separate their Chrome Extension from their Web App. Thankfully, they’ve been reading my thoughts as I lie awake at night because they took my suggestion and now include the Chrome Extension in every package!

New Jungle Scout Pricing

NOTE: Pricing is monthly/yearly.

1. Basic

Price: $49/$39

The best beginner package out there and perfect for budget FBA’ers too.

Like I said before, if you’re on a budget, I’d skip the $25 per month package at Viral Launch and just pony up the extra dough for this one. It’s got everything you need for solid product validation and even comes with sales analytics.

Important Features

  • Product Tracker – 25 per day
  • Opportunity Finder – 5 per day
  • Product Database – 5 per day
  • Keyword Scout – 5 per day
  • Supplier Database – 5 per day
  • Sales estimates – 500 per month
  • Academy included
  • 12 months of historical data

2. Suite

Price: $49/$69

This is a massive step up from Basic and comes with Rank Tracker, Listing Builder, Inventory Manager, and all the other cool features of Jungle Scout, including deeper product history data.

But here’s where the conundrum begins. If you want all those features and have the money to pay for them, then why not pay for better features from Viral Launch?

Important Features

  • Rank Tracker – 3,500 keywords
  • Unlimited Opportunity Finder, Keyword Scout, and Supplier Database
  • Historical product tracking data – 3 months
  • Historical keyword data – 1 year
  • Sales estimates – 1000 per month
  • Product Tracker – 150 products
  • Product Database – Included
  • Listing Builder

3. Professional

Pricing: $129/$84

For $1,000 a year, you get:

  • 6 users
  • 1,000 products for tracking
  • Unlimited use of Opportunity Finder, Keyword Scout, Supplier Database, and Product Database
  • Keyword data for 2 years
  • Product tracking data for 6 months
  • Product Database – Included
  • Sales estimates – 1500 per month
  • 5,000 products in Product Tracker

By the way, all these plans come with 24/7 customer support.

Is it worth it? YES. This is a ton of awesome stuff that will add rocket fuel to your FBA store. But I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want MORE ROCKET FUEL for just a few dollars extra.

It’s like NASA saying we have the technology to go to Mars, but we just want to go to the Moon because we’re lazy.”

Note: Jungle Scout does come with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Viral Launch Pricing Plans

Viral Launch is a lot larger and more complicated than Jungle Scout, so I’m going to approach this section differently for sanity’s sake.

I’ll continue with the monthly/yearly idea though.


  • Extension: $22/$18
  • Beginner: $51/$42
  • Pro: $85/$71
  • Brand Builder: $127/$106
  • Kinetic: $199/$166
  • Launches: $200 each (available in multiple countries)

Something just bites you when you look at this right?

Viral Launch is a lot more expensive and complex than Jungle Scout (noticing a theme?).

Let me give you a few highlights.

1. Extension

  • Sales metrics
  • Trend data
  • Customer review automation

Verdict: Not worth it.

Viral Launch Extension is not worth paying

2. Beginner

All that plus:

  • Find product ideas
  • Validate product ideas
  • Track 3 top-selling products

Verdict: Viral Launch Beginner is not worth paying

3. Pro

All that plus:

  • 350 top-selling products
  • Keyword software
  • Automations
  • Listings analysis and writing
  • Analyze 50 ASINs
  • Track 2,000 keyword rankings

4. Brand Builder

All that plus:

  • 1,000 top-selling products
  • 100 ASINs
  • 5,000 tracked keywords daily

Kinetic PPC is all of that plus deep PPC insights and automation. Basically, it’s for big-time Amazon sellers looking to scale ads big time and supercharge their monthly sales.

Pricing Verdict: Jungle Scout’s Basic plan is better than Viral Launch’s cheaper plans.

But anything from Pro onwards is an easy win for Viral Launch, and it’s not even close.

Viral Launch has virtually all the same features as Jungle Scout, just more powerful. And it has a few that Jungle Scout can’t even come close to. If you’ve got the money to invest, use it. All serious FBA’ers eventually make the switch. There’s a reason for that.

Jungle Scout or Viral Launch?: Who Has the Better Reputation?

The internet isn’t a friendly place. That’s why I always recommend new customers to check out a tool’s reputation before buying.

Most people are just itching to complain, especially online. So if a tool doesn’t deliver, you’ll hear about it.

This isn’t the be-all, end-all, but popularity and reputation should factor into your decision to purchase. Just remember to always take what people say online with a grain of salt (takes long hard look in the mirror…).

Jungle Scout

Let’s start with some of the cold hard numbers first. Greg Merce, the founder, claims the company has more than 30,000 customers and does $2 million a year in revenue.

Jungle Scout has 30,000 customers and does  million a year in revenue

That’s pretty solid. If 30,000+ people subscribe to your service, you’re doing something right.

Even Reddit, the internet’s home of vile hatred, is kind to Jungle Scout. Most answers to the question “is Jungle Scout worth it”, look like this:

Good review of Jungle Scout on Reddit

Or this…

Good review of Jungle Scout

That’s pretty high praise. Most Amazon seller communities love Jungle Scout.

Let’s take a quick hop over to Facebook and scope it out.

Jungle Scout's Facebook Home

61k followers and 56.5k likes ain’t too shabby. Lots of people are getting in on the Jungle Scout love fest.

OK, so people are feelin’ the love for Jungle Scout.

Let’s see about Viral Launch.

Viral Launch’s Reputation

Viral Launch's Facebook Home

13,799 followers and 12,381 likes. Not nearly as popular as Jungle Scout. Still, those are pretty impressive numbers.

And according to this article from Techpoint, the company has tripled revenue over the last three years and has about 250 employees as of 2023. That’s pretty wild if you ask me! Just shows how complex of a service it is.

The web’s pool of entrepreneurs mostly agrees with my thoughts too. Check out the number of positive reviews.

Positive Review of Viral Launch

66% of 155 reviews said “excellent.” I’m pretty sure the people who responded “bad” just didn’t know how to use the tool right. Which, admittedly, is understandable. It’s not simple.

Verdict: Jungle Scout is clearly more popular, and that’s understandable. It’s way easier to use and cheaper, so it makes sense that more people buy it. Viral Launch is designed for a smaller subset of the market—successful FBA’ers trying to take their store to the moon and beyond. Not just doing product research and validation.


I just want to touch on integrations quickly. Don’t underestimate how much time you can waste hopping back and forth between Amazon/other tools within the software.

Luckily, both tools offer seamless integration, so it’s not a big deal.

Viral Launch

Viral Launch's Intergration

Viral Launch really is an all-in-one solution. The tools all work together super easily, and it only takes a click here or there to get data from one tool to another (e.g. from the Market Intelligence tool to Keyword Explorer)

And in case you aren’t a computer whiz kid, the Viral Launch Chrome extension is super easy to integrate into your Chrome browser.

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout's Intergration

Jungle Scout offers advanced integrations like building your own custom dash. Pretty cool!

Personally, I’m not that hardcore, but if you want to have at it, then do it. The Jungle Scout Chrome Extension also directly integrates with Amazon, so no worries there either.

Pros and Cons

You look like you could use yet another bulleted list. So here it goes.

Seriously, though, seeing these spelled out plainly should help drive the point home about both these tools.

Jungle Scout Pros and Cons


  • Price: Definitely the more affordable option.
  • Use-Friendliness: Viral Launch looks similar to Jungle Scout for the most part, but it has more granular data and advanced filters than the Starship Enterprise. There will be a learning curve.
  • Opportunity Score: I love this metric even if it is a bit overrated. Still, it’s nice to have everything grouped into one easy-to-digest metric.
  • FBA Calculator: Viral Launch has an FBA revenue calculator for tracking total net profit (TIP: WEIGHT MATTERS), shipping fees, etc. But Jungle Scout’s is better and easier to use.
  • Chrome Extension: To be fair, the Jungle Scout Chrome extension is better than Market Intelligence from Viral Launch.


  • Features: Features are not nearly as powerful as Viral Launch.
  • Fewer Plans: Jungle Scout’s 3 plans don’t really give you much of a choice.
  • Launches: Jungle Scout now offers product promos, but it’s nothing compared to Viral Launch.
  • Split Tests: Viral Launch has Listing Dojo. Jungle Scout does not….

Viral Launch Pros and Cons


  • More Robust: Way more powerful software for product mining, listing optimization, market intelligence, inventory management, and monitoring market trends.
  • Launches: The easiest way to get a new product in front of buying eyes. The best promos in the business for sure.
  • Split Tests: Listing Dojo is legit. You’ll love it.
  • Provider Database: The database is a lot better than Jungle Scout’s. More quality suppliers in my opinion.
  • Customer Support: More knowledgeable and responsive support. It’s a complicated tool, so you’ll need it. It helps having a smart person actually respond in a short time and walk you through things.
  • Training: Viral Launch’s training literature is miles ahead of Jungle Scout’s. Not saying Jungle Scout’s is bad. Viral Launch’s is just better and more detailed. It covers everything from how to protect copyrights to how to A/B test. Pretty comprehensive.


  • Price: It’s not cheap. But it shouldn’t be.
  • Learning Curve: It takes a while to get a hang of the tool and a decent chunk of experience to get the metrics down. But Viral Launch does have great educational resources, including videos. You won’t need a course or anything.
  • Extension: I’m not a big fan of the Market Intelligence Chrome Extension. And I’m not sure why so many are….

Jungle Scout vs. Viral Launch: Final Verdict

Judge’s decision: IT DEPENDS ON WHAT YOU NEED.

Viral Launch is the better, more powerful tool, and 100% the better option if you’re serious about scaling to 7-figures. For now and forever into the future.

It has more features, the features they share are more powerful, and the data is more accurate—it’s really not a contest.

But, if you just want fast, accurate, easy-to-use product research software for the time being, Jungle Scout is fine.

You can always scale up with Jungle Scout and then get a high-paid Viral Launch plan when you’re really doing business.

If you’ve got the money and want to build something special, get Viral Launch.

If you’re just starting out and want a great product validation tool at a steal of a price, get Jungle Scout.

Hope this helped – if not, I've got an in-depth Jungle Scout review here as well as a Viral Launch review.

I need a coffee….

Oh… Did I mention that there's also Helium 10 who competes (and kind of dominates) both of these… Yeah…

Jungle Scout vs Viral Launch F.A.Q

Q: Is Viral Launch better than Jungle Scout?

A: Yes, Viral Launch is better than Jungle Scout at pretty much everything. Viral Launch has more features and has more powerful listings optimization, inventory, product validation, and product launch software. The only disadvantages are the pricing tiers and learning curve.

Is Jungle Scout the best?

A: No, Jungle Scout is not the best. Viral Launch has more advanced features than Jungle Scout, and is a better tool to increase sales and grow your FBA business. However, Jungle Scout one of the cheapest and most beginner-friendly Amazon research tools on the market. If you only need basic product and keyword research, Jungle Scout might be a better choice.

Q: How much does Viral Launch cost?

A: Viral Launch costs anywhere from $18/mo to $199/mo annually, and each separate product launch costs $200. If you pay monthly, prices start at $25/mo. The price is lower if you pay yearly rather than monthly.

Q: Which is better, Jungle Scout or Helium 10?

A: Helium 10 is far and away better than Jungle Scout. It is 10 times more powerful. But it’s not a fair question. Jungle Scout is a product research tool. Helium 10 is a suite of tools for everything from products and listings to inventory, financials, and competitor analysis.

Q: Is Jungle Scout accurate?

A: Yes, Jungle Scout is one of the most accurate Amazon research tools. Jungle Scout pulls its data from billions of real-time data points from Amazon. It’s one of the only tools that provides realistic sales estimates and inventory estimates in my experience. The other being Viral Launch.

Q: Is there a free alternative to Jungle Scout?

A: Yes, there is a free alternative to Jungle Scout: Unicorn Smasher. You can also use Helium 10 Xray free for the first 1,000 product lookups.

Q: Is Viral Launch legit?

A: Yes, Viral Launch is legit. It is, in my opinion, the best tool in its price point for scaling an Amazon FBA business. This one tool gives you access to software for finding, scaling, automating, and managing an FBA business. There’s a reason it has tens of thousands of customers across the world.

Q: Is Jungle Scout owned by Amazon?

A: No, Jungle Scout is not owned by Amazon. It was founded in 2014 by Greg Mercer, a leader in the Amazon community. He is still the owner. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and employs more than a dozen people. It does, however, integrate with Amazon seamlessly.

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