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Leading eCommerce Website Design Trends in 2023

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ecommerce design trends

Leading eCommerce Website Design Trends in 2023

Home / Ecommerce / Leading eCommerce Website Design Trends in 2023
ecommerce design trends
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Web design in the e-commerce arena is changing fast. Every website hopes to offer an outstanding shopping experience. Online shopping has become a preference for many shoppers across the globe, and website owners want to keep visitors for longer on their sites.  Strong website design is one of many crucial factors for making profitable websites. Designs keep on changing year after year. Here is the overview of the essential website design components that will remain prominent this year.

Material Design

Material design is one of the most popular designing trends that is all about minimal design aesthetics. The designing is done with a touch of micro-interactions including subtle animations. All these elements pave the way for a user-friendly browsing experience. Most websites give more and more attention to user-centric elements to increase conversions. Material design creates a sense of depth and lets the user view icons in a more specified manner. This design style has a lot in common with flat design. But, the difference lies in the depth and shadow that are integral to the overall aesthetic.

material design trends

Card-like Layouts

Card-like layouts have been making their arrival count in the website design trends, and will be around for a long time. A lot of website owners, including some social media giants, have included these elements. TCard designs are perfect for displaying short pieces of text, images and buttons. This offers p some of your product information and ensures that the info is delivered quickly.

card-like layout design trends


Responsiveness is the need of the hour if you are concerned with the conversions of your website. Including the responsive technique ensures that your website is easily accessible through any device. Shoppers are increasingly using smartphones to make e-commerce purchases, leading to a need for mobile compatible websites. Responsive websites scale on a variety of platforms. Having a mobile compatible site that's easy to follow and navigate will likely result in higher conversion rates. There are many responsive web design testing tool that can be used.

responsive web design trends

CTA (Call To Action Buttons)

Call to action (CTA) buttons are critical components of e-commerce sites. CTAs are designed to draw visitors to making the key actions you want them to make. For example, making a purchase or reading an article. One way of making these buttons stand out is having a strong contrast with the background color. You could also use text to entice shoppers to make purchases like “Buy Now,” “Download Free,” “Click Here,” or “Add to Cart.”

Here's a good example below:

call-to-action design trends

Rich Motion Animation

Animation makes websites engaging for visitors. Utilizing such a design enables stores to interactively demonstrate how a product works. It enriches the shopping experience of the users on the website and makes it memorable. Designs like icon rotation and loading bars helps to lift e-commerce sites to a new level, and in turn, boost conversions.

rich-motion-animation design trends

Long scroll

The long scroll is a firmly established web design trend. Yet, extensive usages of smartphones has put this element in a new light. Clicking on mobile devices may seem an issue for some. But, scrolling is habitual, and users have no qualms about using it. Long scrolling is a perfect take for websites that use storytelling. It takes the users throughout the site for providing an upgraded interaction. Long scrolling can be added with engaging images between to keep users’ interest alive.

However, to maximize conversions, embrace the “above-the-scroll” approach. A twist to the “above-the-fold” term used by newspapers, it represents the information visible before you have to scroll. The trick is to put your most important information first, for example a special promotion or the product itself.

Hover Effects

Hover effects help users get immediate information on a certain element. Hovering the mouse over a image shows related content about the products Such a design is becoming an important feature for e-commerce websites. They provide the essential info to the users without actually clicking on the link.

The hover effect makes it easy for the users to know the specifications of a certain product immediately. Thereby saving their time by letting them click their required products.

hover effects design trends


Pop-ups are play a pivotal role in engaging the users of e-commerce websites. They've also become more intelligent, responding to the vistors' actions. For example, if the cursor is moving towards the address bar or “close” icon on the top right, a graphic would pop up – as demonstrated in the image below.

Though pop-ups have been seen as a disruption in the users’ browsing experience, they have proven effective in grabbing  the visitors' attention. The blend of some exceptional marketing techniques with the right timed pop-ups can help in generating the lead for business.

pop-ups design trends

pop-ups example design trends


The bottom line is to take a holistic approach. Good web design is about getting the multitude of factors right. For example the color scheme, image layout, and which information is above the scroll. It's essential to treat each element as important as the next. The aim of any e-commerce site is to create a engaging, smooth customer journey that makes it as easy as possible for shoppers to make a purchase. These trends, and others, reflect this.

As e-commerce continues its exponential growth, it's not too late to make those tweaks and boost your site performance.

Websites are all about getting more conversions and providing an exceptional browsing experience to the users. If you want to learn more about how to sell online, you can check out the best courses to selling  on Amazon. Remember, if your users get an outstanding experience, they will visit your site again and again.

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