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10 Food and Beverage Related Facebook Examples

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food beverage facebook examples

10 Food and Beverage Related Facebook Examples

Home / Social Media Marketing / 10 Food and Beverage Related Facebook Examples
food beverage facebook examples
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For the last four months or so, I've become very fond of Facebook welcome pages and their design.

I've already written a post about 26 great Facebook landing page examples – read it here if you haven't yet!

Now I want to take this obsession one step further and find some great Facebook examples in each of the most popular categories starting with the Food & Beverages.

Let me know which category you're interested in next (such as Beauty and Health Products, Appliances, Electronics, Services, etc).

I hope you gain some inspiration from viewing these.

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Beyond that, we also have a review of one of it's competitors, Leadpages, and an article giving you 4 further alternatives for Leadpages.

Plenty to choose from for all budgets – let's make some landing pages that convert!

I browsed through hundreds of brand pages and these are the ones I want to share with the rest of you. In no particular order:


food beverages facebook page nutella

This is a prime example of content marketing done right. Instead of just pushing their own agenda and products, they're using (high-quality, by the way) content to connect their brand with value.

It's success by association – your brain will subliminally connect Nutella with waking up early, eating healthier, having a happier morning and so on and so forth. Especially if you're able to get value from their content.

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food beverages facebook page tictac

Instead of creating valuable content, TicTac played to another thing we find important as humans – entertainment. Their Instagram feed is full of funny videos of everyday things that you can easily relate to and they all tic-tac back to the product itself.



Snickers is also taking the humour route of content marketing for their Facebook page for promoting the new Snickers' bites.

You'll see that they present it in the form of an infographic but the content itself isn't meant to actually teach you how to enjoy a simple treat.

Buffalo Wild Wings

food beverages facebook page buffalo

Buffalo Wild Wings do a great job at promoting their newsletter as the “Buffalo Circle”.

This makes you feel like you're a part of a special community and receiving VIP treatment. Meanwhile, they get direct access to your details and have permission to send you (hopefully useful) newsletters and offers.

M&M's U.S.A.

food beverages facebook page m&m's

M&M's use their Facebook page to display social proof and increase the perceived value of their brand. They feature testomonials and fun videos from customers, funny videos with the M&M characters, and also show that they support good causes such as the Global Goals for Sustainable Development charity above.

Monster Energy

food beverages facebook page monster

Monster Energy is great at making use of its organic social proof as well as marketing efforts.

Their galleries are full of adrenaline-pumping photos ranging from the X-Games to Connor McGregor endorsements.

You see that people who drink Monster Energy do crazy and exciting things and it may make your late-night development sessions feel a bit more exciting as well with a black and green can next to you.


food beverages facebook page wendy's

Wendy's has done a myriad of livestreams using their Facebook fan page and the feedback from their fans was outstanding.

The weirdest one (which was a major success) was when they had their fans suggest songs and the team would sing it live. Get creative.


food beverages facebook page starbucks

Starbucks created their international app called “Starbucks Around the world” which lets you choose your region and connect with the fanpage in your area. Easy access to local promotions and events. Smooth!

Cold Stone Creamery

food beverages facebook page cold stone

Let me know in the comments below which category of brands you want me to research next for some inspiring landing pages.

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