10 Food and Beverage Related Facebook Landing Page Examples

For the last four months or so, I’ve become very fond of Facebook welcome pages and their design. I’ve already written a post about 26 great Facebook landing page examples – read it here if you haven’t yet! Now I want to take this obsession one step further and find some great landing pages in each of the most popular categories starting with the Food & Beverages- Let me know in the comments below, which category you’re interested in next (such as Beauty and Health Products, Appliances, Electronics, Services, etc). I hope you gain some inspiration from viewing these.

I browsed through hundreds of brand pages and these are the ones I want to share with the rest of you. In no particular order:


nutella facebook landing page example

Carl’s jr

carl's jr facebook landing page example


oreo facebook landing page example

Pizza Hut

pizza hut facebook landing page example

Nabisco Cookies

nabisco cookies facebook landing page example

Miller Lite

miller lite facebook landing page example


tic tac usa facebook landing page example


kroger facebook landing page example


propel facebook landing page example


crisco facebook landing page example
Let me know in the comments below which category of brands you want me to research next for some inspiring landing pages.

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  1. Rob Hines says:

    I was wondering how much your company charges to design such a welcome page for my company, along with the designing of the profile picture. Thank you.

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