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8 PERFECT Jungle Scout Alternatives (Save $69/month?)

Home / Ecommerce / 8 PERFECT Jungle Scout Alternatives (Save $69/month?)
best junglescout alternatives reveiwed

8 PERFECT Jungle Scout Alternatives (Save $69/month?)

Home / Ecommerce / 8 PERFECT Jungle Scout Alternatives (Save $69/month?)
best junglescout alternatives reveiwed
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First, The Case for Jungle Scout (My 5-Figure Mistake)

Do you NEED Jungle Scout or another paid product research tool?


SHOULD you use one? No question about it – YES!

But, I’m guessing you don’t feel like paying $70/mo for Jungle Scout.

Jungle Scout

If that’s you, then check out my 8 favorite alternatives to Jungle Scout (paid and free tools). 

The good news is, YOU DON’T NEED an expensive tool to find winning Amazon products (though they do help!). In this review, I’ll break down each Jungle Scout alternative, explain WHY it’s great, WHO it’s for, and HOW to use it.

Product research is the single most important step in building a profitable store. Do it wrong, and you’ll invest thousands of dollars and have $0 to show for it. Take the time to read this thoroughly. You don’t want to learn the hard way like I did.

Here’s why…

Once upon a time, there lived a budding Amazon FBA entrepreneur. He was full of zest, vigor, and an unrelenting drive to build a 7-figure business.

That was me….

I hate when people throw “empire” around like it’s nothing. But I wanted to go full “Ghengis Khan” on Amazon.

Especially since entrepreneurs who I KNEW I WAS BETTER THAN were having tons of success.

So, I dove in headfirst, ready to start conquering the jungle and building my empire.

Catastrophic FAILURE…

Amazon Etrepreneurs who don't do product research

“Product research? Me? No way. I know a good product when I see it!” – Amazon sellers who will 100% be broke in 6 months

Product giveaways. Paid ads. Optimized listings. Do you know how much it costs for all that? Thousands if you’re lucky. Tens of thousands is more realistic.

And no amount of advertising will sell a SH***Y product. So after wasting months of my life and lighting 5-figures on fire, I looked myself in the mirror and told myself the truth.

“You screwed up. Go back and do it again THE RIGHT WAY”.

The right way requires diligent research. So I went back and signed up for Jungle Scout (one of the few product research tools that suited my budget at the time). Now, my online business is in the six figures, and my only regret is not doing it right from the beginning.

If your foundation has cracks, your Yurt (is that a Mongolian house thing?) will break.

OK, so what was the point of this diatribe against my past self?

The point is for YOU to learn from MY mistakes. Read the following line several times:

If you aren’t willing to invest time and money into product research, just quit now.

Save yourself months of work and thousands of dollars.

You don’t need a paid tool to do Amazon research the right way, but you have to be damn good. If money is an issue, start with a free Jungle Scout alternative to get ideas and then use a paid one to do more granular research. Some free product research tools are GREAT despite their limitations.

Are you really taking your business seriously if you aren’t willing to invest $30-$100/mo in the most important part of the business itself?

OK, enough. Let’s do this.

1. The Best Jungle Scout Alternative (And the Tool I Use) – Helium 10

Price: FREE – $397/mo (all-in-one suite) | $37/mo (product research)

Helium 10

Helium 10 is by far the best alternative to Jungle Scout.

No. Scratch that. It’s THE BEST Amazon seller tool in the universe. No exaggeration.

Its features are the result of time-and-space-bending hydrogen fusion deep within supernovas.

OK… that could be hyperbole but bear with me.

Unlike any of the Jungle Scout alternatives on this list, Helium 10 offers literally every tool you could possibly need all in one place. Whereas Jungle Scout is a product research tool, Helium is product research plus:

  • Competitor Analysis: Helium 10 reverse engineers your competition and shows you WHY they’re ranking. That way, you can take the blueprint, improve on it, and outrank them. It’s like black magic.
  • Keyword Research: Helium’s “Magnet” tool displays thousands of untapped related keywords to your “seed keyword,” helping you discover low-competition keywords that you (and your competition) don’t even know exist.
  • Listings Optimization: Helium 10 shows you exactly how to perfectly optimize each listing so you rank higher and faster with 0 extra effort.
  • Chrome Extension: “X-Ray” fits neatly into your browser and gives you Terminator-like abilities to zero-in on listings and learn everything about them instantly. Just click the icon on whichever listing you’re browsing and X-Ray performs an in-depth product analysis and shows you ridiculously helpful information like profitability, available suppliers, and sales estimates.

That’s just the beginning.

You get all of that plus refund management, inventory protection, analytics, PPC tools, and even a landing page builder!

Of course, this all comes at a hefty price (if you need something cheaper, skip to number 2). 

Why Helium 10 Over Jungle Scout?

I switched from Jungle Scout to Helium 10 two years ago and I haven’t looked back.

All the serious Amazon sellers I know use it. This is the web app that all six and seven-figure stores use, and it’s not even a debate.

Jungle Scout is an excellent product research tool. Helium 10 is an excellent product research tool plus the industry’s best competitor research, listings optimization, keyword research, inventory management, marketing, and analytics tool.

Imagine one supernova-born exponential growth machine that helps you find profitable products, reverse engineer competitors, optimize your listings, manage your business, run ads, and even get more money back from Amazon on refunds, and all starting at just $97/mo!

If you’ve got the money to invest and want the best Amazon seller tool in existence, Helium 10 is it. None of the Jungle Scout alternatives on this list can compare with the incredible range of features this great tool offers.

TIP: Helium 10’s product research feature, Black Box, allows 20 uses for free. It’s also available a la carte starting from $37/mo.


  • Unfair advantage
  • Incredibly extensive product database
  • All-in-one tool
  • Works on multiple Amazon marketplaces
  • The only web app an Amazon seller will ever need
  • Gain valuable product insights with the Chrome browser extension
  • Comfortably the best alternative to Jungle Scout on the market
  • Includes a free plan that's great for evaluation


  • Price
  • Learning curve

By the way, the team over at Helium 10 has been kind enough to offer DreamGrow readers a discount – you can choose between 50% off for your first month or a lifetime discount of 10%. Use any link above to get the coupons applied to you.

They've been the market leader for years now and after going through all the tools again in 2024 – I'm confident they're going to stay there with how much they've advanced.

The tool is better than ever before and they're continuously adding new ones as the landscape changes. Adding in new platforms like Walmart, keeping up with all the crazy AI advancements the world is going through, etc.

2. The Best Jungle Scout Alternative Runner Up – Viral Launch (Helium 10 “Light”)

Price: $50 – $166/mo paid annually (Free Trial)

Viral Launch (Helium 10 “Light”)

Viral Launch gives new Amazon sellers everything they need to launch their first product. And all at 50% of the price of Helium 10 (for the “Beginner” plan).

If Helium 10 is powerful enough to bend time and space, Viral Launch is like a small supernova.

The Viral Launch suite gives you a few unfair advantages like tracking top selling products, product research, calculating sales estimates, automated keyword research (straight fire), and ASIN listing analysis. Viral Launch also includes a super-powerful Market Intelligence Chrome extension that gives Amazon sellers access to in-depth Amazon analytics and AI-powered insights,

This great tool even has a few advantages over Helium 10 (DOWN GOES FRAZIER…not really):

  • Kinetic PPC: Easily the best PPC tool on the market. Simple rule creation and high-profit templates make running a PPC campaign super simple and profitable. As long as your product isn’t trash, you’ll profit on PPC. It’s worth the price of a plan alone if you ask me.
  • Split Testing: Viral Launch gives you access to Listing Dojo, an awesome split testing platform that’s 100% free. Can’t decide which image or copy to use? Let your customers decide for you.

As if that weren’t enough, Viral Launch offers free courses and ebooks and will even help with product launches. That ways you can launch products in days rather than months.

If you've got some time to kill, why not check out our in-depth comparison between Viral Launch and Jungle Scout. Seriously, it's worth the effort.

Why Viral Launch Over Jungle Scout (Or Helium 10?)

This is pretty much in line with what I said about Helium 10, just to a lesser degree.

Jungle Scout is best for product research and connecting you to suppliers.

Viral Launch is a suite of tools for research, growth, listings, and management—plus PPC and split testing.

One is for finding opportunities and getting started. The other is for finding opportunities, getting started, making a store, marketing, growing, and managing.

As for Helium 10, it’s clear: Viral Launch is a lot easier on the wallet. The entry-level plan is only about $50 a month—that’s roughly 50% cheaper than Helium 10. It just comes with far fewer features.

The next level up is about $80/mo compared to ~$197/mo for Helium 10.

I highly… HIGHLY HIGHLY… recommend Helium 10. But if the price is really an issue, Viral Launch is a reasonable Jungle Scout alternative.


  • Big upgrade on Jungle Scout
  • Cheaper than Helium 10
  • Great PPC tool
  • The most advanced profit calculator
  • Chrome extension offering detailed Amazon analytics
  • Evaluate Viral Launch on a 14-day free trial


  • Not nearly as many features as Helium 10
  • Higher-level plans aren’t worth the money

3. The Best FREE Jungle Scout Alternative – Unicorn Smasher

Price: FREE

Unicorn Smasher

You could spend hundreds of dollars a month and untold hours of research on finding a winning product.

Or you could just start smashing Amazon with a mythical technicolor creature and a horn rising from its head.

Unicorn Smasher is my favorite FREE Jungle Scout alternative. For one, it’s actually FREE—like, as in no money (cool!). 

And second, it’s actually on the conservative side with its data, so you don’t wildly overestimate sales and wind up with a losing product.

This one tool supercharges your Amazon research:

  • Accurate historical data on products
  • A single dashboard to organize your research
  • Opportunity score (profitability quantified)
  • Deep insights into every niche

If you’re just starting out and don’t have the $ to invest, Unicorn Smasher is the perfect tool. It’s definitely enough to get you started—you’ll just need to upgrade later on.

As far as free Amazon product research tools go, it’s unrivaled. And it’s even better than some rival paid tools (**Cough ASINspector cough**)

I also love that all this awesome data is accessed via a Chrome extension. Unicorn Smasher is installed into the ubiquitous browser, allowing users to do their research without having to leave Amazon.

Now, for the downsides…

This is a FREE tool. That means it’s pretty limited compared to anything paid. Don’t expect space-melting features or a profitability blueprint.

And the product database isn't nearly as comprehensive or granular. If I were you, I’d make sure I already have product ideas in mind before using the smasher.

Also, Unicorn Smasher is notorious for missing data. Sometimes, I’ll try to use it on a product only for data like Sales Rank or Estimated Monthly Sales to be missing.

Still… not bad for a free tool.


  • Free
  • Easy and fast
  • Good enough to get started
  • Conservative estimations could be helpful
  • All data visible in a handy Chrome Extension


  • Sometimes misses product-specific data like Sales Rank
  • Limited features

4. The Best Alternative Keyword Tracker/Launch Tool – AMZ Tracker

Price: $50 – $400/mo paid annually (Free Trial)

AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker is the ULTIMATE 360-degree ranking tool. If you’ve already got product ideas, this is the tool you need to boost rankings, protect your store, and optimize conversions.

Keywords, CRO, negative attack alerts—these guys know how to play both sides of the field:

  • Offense: Why reinvent the wheel when you can just see what your competitors are doing and improve on that blueprint? Keyword tracking and CRO let you see which strategies are working and fully optimize those strategies for better rankings. It’s the closest to guaranteed rankings as you can get on Amazon.
  • Defense: Keep your Amazon business safe with negative review and hijack alerts. AMZ Tracker gives you the best chance at raising your rating by responding to negative reviews instantly. And if anyone ever tries to hijack one of your listings, you’ll be on top of them with a vengeance.

Plus you get PROMOS!

AMZ Tracker gets your product in front of millions of eyes instantly with Vipon and instantly boosts your product velocity, one of the most important Amazon ranking factors.

Rankings benefits become exponential when your products start flying like hotcakes. You sell more products faster, boosting your rankings. Then, because of your higher rankings, more people click your listing, meaning you sell EVEN MORE.

AMZ Tracker is a growth and rankings tool.

That basically means it will:

  • Perform competitor analysis
  • Find long-tail keywords
  • Improve conversions
  • Protect your rankings

It’s NOT a product research, marketing, or listings optimization tool. And it’s definitely not a store management tool either.

OK, so why include it as a Jungle Scout alternative if they don’t do the same thing?

Astute observation, dear reader.

Here’s a dirty little secret. AMZ Tracker owns Unicorn Smasher (famous for being number 3 on this list). So you can combine it with Unicorn Smasher PRO to do your research, then use AMZ Tracker to rank the hell out of your listings.


  • The best promo tool around
  • Analyze, rank, and optimize listings in one tool
  • Protect against negative reviews and hijackings
  • 7-day free trial


  • Must be combined with Unicorn Smasher for research
  • Keyword research isn’t on the same level as Helium 10

5. The Best Alternative Sales and Inventory Tool – Sellics

Price: Starting from $67/mo (Free Trial)


Sellics is a robust all-in-one seller suite encompassing SEO, PPC, sales, inventory, and customer reviews.

Think of it as an all-in-one Amazon seller tool for advertising and management. Everything you need to manage and grow your store is one place.

Here are a few things I love about Sellics:

  • Actionable advice: Insights from Sellics are turned into actionable advice, so you always know what to do next and make the right decision.
  • Clean interface: In a world full of cumbersome tools, Sellics is clean, easy, and straightforward. Plus, I love the colors.
  • Amazon SEO: Sellics Amazon SEO is next-level. Find hidden gems, optimize listings, and track rankings for better, faster rankings. One really cool feature is you can compare your listings to your competitors to see which changes you need to make.

Who is this for?

Sellics is really more of an SEO, review, and inventory management tool. This is for more established Amazon sellers who want an actual sales and management tool. Jungle Scout is a product research and supplier tool masquerading as a sales, launch, and store management tool.

If you’re ready for the next phase and really want to grow your store, Sellics is perfect.

And a monthly plan for a store doing $60,000 – $240,000 a year in revenue is less than $100!


  • Great Amazon marketing
  • Awesome interface
  • Actionable advice
  • 7-day free trial


  • No product research

6. The Best Alternative Amazon Product Research Tool – AMZScout

Price: $14.90 – $24.90 paid annually (Free Trial)

AMZ Scout

AMZScout is like the Pepsi, Burger King, or Chevy of Amazon product research.

By that, I mean it’s sort of like the runner up to the main brand. It’s pretty good, but it’ll never be Coke, McDonald’s, or Ford, you know?

AMZScout’s Amazon Sellers Bundle is basically a blueprint and toolkit to go from zero to launch, including:

  • Training: Learn the basics of selling on Amazon.
  • Product research: Millions of products at your fingertips and over 40 filters means extra product ideas, new keyword ideas for your ads, and turbo performance checking.
  • Pro Extension: Verify niche ideas, uncover and verify trends, find hidden and highly-profitable opportunities, and improve your listings with insights from your browser.
  • FBA calculator: Calculate super-important variables like FBA fees, ROI, and sales estimates and in a single click. That way, you can see what profits will REALLY be and plan accordingly.

This entire bundle is available for about $50/mo, which is a great deal if you ask me. Jungle Scout doesn’t offer the same level of training.

Why AMZScout over Jungle Scout?

Jungle Scout is definitely better, but AMZScout is simpler and comes with some high-value training. It’s more of a selling blueprint PLUS the tools to make it happen. It’s slightly different but basically the same, hence the Pepsi/Coke analogy.

Just like the famous soda brands, it comes down to preference. Do you like liquid sugar death with a red label? Or do you prefer it wrapped in a blue label? Me, I prefer red.

Seriously though, Jungle Scout has more features for basically the same price. AMZScout just delivers a simpler package/user experience and provides some helpful training.


  • Simplified package
  • Affordable
  • Beginner training
  • Accurate sales estimates
  • 7-day free trial


  • Not as many features as other tools
  • Features are limited compared to Jungle Scout and other tools

7. The Ultimate Amazon Problem Solving Tool – Seller Labs 

Price: Starting from $49/mo or $39/mo paid annually (Free Trial)

Seller Labs

Seller Labs is the only alternative to Jungle Scout that was born in the Matrix.

Imagine if, as a store owner, Morpheus showed up to your house and plugged you into a virtual reality where any and all Amazon problems were solved by hyper-intelligent apps BEFORE they screwed you over.

That’s Seller Labs in a nutshell. And just like the Matrix, I don’t care if it’s real or not. I like it.

Basically, Seller Labs is a set of apps that eliminate all major Amazon store issues.

WARNING: This alternative to Jungle Scout is not for beginners.

These apps encompass advertising, feedback, research, and product management.

Here’s a taste:

  • Ignite: Amazon advertising at its simplest and most powerful. Ignite automates your ads, providing instant suggestions based on millions of tidbits of historical data beyond human comprehension.
  • Feedback Genius: Get better reviews and more of them. This tool wins you the buy box, automates seller messaging, and notifies you of reviews in real-time, making sure your feedback is as good as it could possibly be.
  • Scope: Instantly uncover powerful keywords and product opportunities PLUS learn how to improve rankings.
  • Performance: Take your Amazon business to the next level by automating reporting, simplifying inventory management, and analyzing granular data to find out what’s working and what’s not.

As if that wasn’t enough, Seller Labs goes beyond the apps and offers real services ranging from photos to listing optimization and messaging.

This is The One that was prophesied….


  • Excellent automation
  • Saves hours of time
  • High-level marketing and performance apps
  • Awesome 30-day free trial


  • Product research and KW app doesn’t compare to Helium 10

8. Good for Beginners and Cheap (Free Plan Included) – AMAZE Owl

Price: Free – $19.99 billed annually.


AmazeOwl is a sweet alternative to Jungle Scout that’s perfect for beginners, especially those on a budget. The free plan gives you 3 keywords to track in 1 niche, plus some limited keyword research (at slow speeds…).

But beyond that, the tool is pretty cool for how cheap it is. This suite helps you discover product opportunities (with descriptions of the data you’re viewing), validate and launch products, and monitor competition—all for $12.99 (with limitations).

In case you’re worried that it’s not enough to get you started…you’re kind of right.

It’s not as powerful as Jungle Scout, and you know how seriously you need to take product research (you read my story, right?). But for the price, it’s not bad, and it could be a good starting point for new Amazon sellers on a budget that want a step up from Unicorn Smasher (totally free).

As you may have noticed, not many Amazon product research tools offer a free plan, so it's definitely worth checking AmazeOwl out.


  • Affordability – offers a pretty decent free plan
  • Good enough (just not great)


  • Fairly limited
  • Product database is much smaller

What’s the Best Jungle Scout Alternative? Closing Thoughts

Jungle Scout Alternative

Not all Jungle Scout alternatives are created equal. It just depends on your criteria.

Some make up the fabric of time and space while others are mythic animals from forgotten times. Some others still are virtual reality meant to distract you as AI drains your body of energy.

Either way…

To summarize:

If you need the absolute best tool for finding products, building a store, launching, and managing inventory/sales… Get Helium 10 (with a discount for our readers!)

If you need all that but don’t quite have the budget… Get Viral Launch or Seller Labs.

If you’re just starting out and need a FREE alternative to Jungle Scout… Get Unicorn Smasher.

If you want a simpler version of Jungle Scout with some good training…  Get AMZScout.

Jungle Scout Alternatives F.A.Q

Q: Is Jungle Scout the Best Amazon Seller Tool?

A: Jungle Scout is probably the best product research tool, and its Chrome extension is also top-notch. But it’s definitely not the best Amazon seller tool. That is Helium 10.

Q: Which is Better: Jungle Scout or Helium 10?

A: Helium 10 is way better than Jungle Scout. Jungle Scout is an Amazon product research tool. Helium 10 is a growth machine with over a dozen tools across research, listings optimization, and store management.

Q: Does Jungle Scout Support Multiple Amazon Marketplaces?

A: Depending on the features you want to run, yes, Jungle Scout allows sellers of 17 different Amazon Marketplaces to use their tool.

Q: Does Jungle Scout Have a Chrome Extension?

A: Yes, the Jungle Scout Chrome Extension shows you product information like sales rank and price changes. It also lets you gauge the potential ROI of a particular Amazon product and perform keyword research.

Q: Does Jungle Scout Show a Product's Estimated Sales Data?

A: Yes, Jungle Scout offers its users a feature that calculates a product's estimated sales. It's not the only tool that offers this feature, though. Many of its alternatives also estimate how many sales a seller can expect for a specific product.

Q: Can You Cancel Jungle Scout at Any Time?

A: Yes, you can cancel Jungle Scout at any time. If you have a monthly subscription, you can cancel your subscription directly from your Jungle Scout account.

Q: How Much is Jungle Scout Per Month?

A: Jungle Scout costs anywhere from $39/mo to $129/mo depending on which plan you purchase.

Q: Is Jungle Scout Free?

A: No, Jungle Scout does not have a free version.

Q: Is Jungle Scout Only for Amazon?

A: Yes, Jungle Scout is only for Amazon. It’s an Amazon research tool. Anything else is just an add-on.

Q: Is There a Free Jungle Scout Alternative?

A: Yes, Unicorn Smasher is a free Jungle Scout Alternative. It's an excellent tool that offers cash-strapped Amazon sellers a great selection of features.

Q: Is There a Jungle Scout for eBay?

A: There isn’t an exact replica of Jungle Scout for eBay, but Algopix offers eBay market research services.

Q: Are Any of the Alternatives to Jungle Scout available on a Free Plan?

A: Yes, Helium 10 offers a free plan. However, it's important to note that the free plan offers severely limited functionality when compared to the tool's paid subscription plans.

Q: What are the Best Jungle Scout Alternatives?

A: When it comes to features, the two best Jungle Scout alternatives are Helium 10 and Viral Launch. However, Unicorn Smasher is a great Jungle Scout alternative for Amazon sellers on a tight budget.

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